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Free Health Coaching for a Year

Welcome Friends

I am a Qualified Health Coach and hold a PG Cert in Public Health. I have studied and practised natural health or over 25 years and have been entirely medication free during this time. Before Covid, I was in the process of setting up a charity to offer my local community free health coaching, but lockdown policy put a stop to this. I would like to offer you this service via email and Zoom. A good level of literacy and English required.

I look forward to helping you on your next step of the journey!

Best Wishes,


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What is Health Coaching?

There are two main components of holistic health coaching.

Health Coaches help you identify health goals and work with you to design a diet and lifestyle programme which includes a holistic overview of your life. An integrative approach is used, which addresses the physical, social, cognitive, behavioural, spiritual and ideological aspects of your life.



I work with you to identify poor lifestyle choices, goals to overcome them, and co-create a plan to meet those goals. This personal support can empower you to make real change.

  • Nutrition Education and Coaching

  • Identification of Unhealthy Habits and Lifestyle Choices

  • A Holistic Health Assessment

  • Diet and Lifestyle Education

If you think I could help support your health journey and you have a real commitment to learn and lead your own health investigation with the support of tried and tested methods of support. 

Please get in touch!

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 How to Get in Touch

In the first instance, email me with a short synopsis of what you'd like to achieve in your health journey.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Why is This Service Free?

As a Christian, I feel it is important help others feel healthy and well during these difficult times; where marketing and propaganda blind us to the truth about own bodies, diets and ability to heal and stay healthy. Over twenty five years of health research has provided a bedrock of knowledge and a vast library to boot.


I can be your advocate, investigator and your coach in your own quest towards long lasting health and vitality.

Please get in touch!

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