An Ignorant Herd is a Dangerous Thing

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

When I ask people if the government mandated burkas would they wear them, they say 'no'. I say, 'well it's exactly the same reason why I won't wear a mask! There is no logical reason to!'

They have self-doubt (self awareness of their own naiveté surrounding health issues a lack of basic scientific understanding and statistical awareness & victim mentality) which manifests in 'high-dependency' to the State. We were 'groomed' this way and the social architecture creates a 'collectivist', docile herd. Independence, self reliance & social ties have been deliberately eroded over time. A rapidly growing population is always a danger as space & resources are finite. An ignorant herd is a dangerous thing as they have effectively been 'weaponized' to police us.

Until population growth is no longer taboo we will always be in danger. Speaking out for all truth is vital work. In whatever area of expertise we find ourselves in. For me, it is health, but there are good people everywhere championing truth! We must endeavour to show reality for what it is.

Too many people would rather believe the lies than the harsh truth, but we must look into the darkness in order to fix it. To be brave, honest & humble. There is no shame in admitting our faults. Own it & move on - time is of the essence! Exposing the truth, no matter how terrifying, ugly or inconvenient it is, is the only strategy to bring down this fraudulent house of cards!

Am I wrong? #ConVidHoax #ScareDemic #FearWarFare #WeaponizedLies #WeThePeople

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