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Are we talking about the poisoning of the entire world population?

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Published 11th July 2021 | Dr Ricardo Delgado Martin PhD discusses his findings on his analysis of a vial Pfizer Covid Vaccine and claims the analysis showed a 98% Graphene Oxide content.

Transcription by Northern.Lights

"We are talking about the poisoning of the entire world population with the complicity of governments, as I say, with their participation and by various ways of administration, which was what you asked me. Indeed, they have introduced graphene, at least, through the air with the famous chemtrails spraying that we see every time there is a new wave announcement, an announcement well accompanied with the prelude of these express spraying, and people already logically realise what is happening in the skies.

Also through the masks, PCR and antigen tests, and vaccines such as the anti-flu and anti-Covid in all its variants, since they all produce the magnetic effect. A doctor here in Spain has carried out another study, an optical approach to AstraZeneca vials, and also grapheme oxide folds were observed. So the population is being ‘graphened’ through different ways. They have introduced graphene in food, because it can be done. We have read scientific papers so that graphene oxide is 3D printed in cookies and other food products. However, we think that by this route of administration, by ingestion, graphene does not have the capacity to cause what they want, because what they are after for is our brains. In the field of nanoscience, neuroscience or biotechnology, when we study all that graphene can do, we realise the ultimate goal of the operation being carried out, and that is that graphene oxide nanoparticles act as nanobiosensors once they are installed in neurons, so that they do two basic functions: The first is to collect the neuronal electrophysiological effects, these are the electrical signals of our impulses and thoughts. That is to say, to do a brain mapping at the same time that can also neuromodulate behaviours, emotions and feelings. This makes sense and fits quite well with the statement made by the President of Chile Sebastian Pinero when he made the announcement of 5G, and where he spoke of inserting emotions or thoughts and of reading our thoughts to control the entire nervous system of society.

Logically, it sounds like a terrifying science fiction movie, but believe me it is technically feasible and it is being done. Here in Spain there are institutes like the Catalan National Institute of Nanoscience at the forefront. We also have Inbrain. Because the objective would also be to connect this network to an artificial intelligence, which is what Mr. Elon Musk is going to promote. So you will understand, that throughout this whole pandemic or 'plandenmia', in the planning sense, there were three grids that were being implemented at all times. An artificial grid or network of 45,000 satellites to provide 5G coverage which, from a telecommunications point of view, has no explanation. With basically 3, you could triangulate all types of signals. A satellite network in the stratosphere put there by Mr Elon Musk who still talks about connecting us to an artificial intelligence. Another grid would be the terrestrial one: a spider web of antennas. And the missing interface in the middle of these two grids, which we now know is precisely those graphene oxide nanoparticles that interface with the artificial intelligence. It is indeed the plot of a science fiction movie, but this is how we explain why Chile proposes the new neuro-rights law, in an environment of supposed health crisis and that had no explanation whatsoever, but now we understand everything.

Today we have also made a new finding. And it is precisely when the famous brain tsunami comes, what will happen is that these people will have the perfect excuse to justify it. And ‘brain tsunami’ means that when they turn on this technology, the graphene that is directly installed in the head, as many people with magnetism have it, will cause that famous brain tsunami that they announce as the symptom of a new coronavirus, but that evidently corresponds to the neuro-degeneration that the graphene oxide causes in the body, once it is electronically excited and oxidized much more quickly by the action of the electromagnetic disturbing focus.


Yes, well, what we have discovered is that from February 2020 to September 2020, Covid-19 was being treated, apart from Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, mainly with N-acetylcysteine and also with glutathione directly. Why? Now we understand perfectly well why it worked. And look how it worked: it worked by inhibiting or reducing the cytokine storm; inhibiting the post-inflammatory syndrome. That is to say, reducing it, eliminating the thrombotic coagulant phenomenon. When you have a drug, a medicine or supplement – because it is a food supplement, that acts on all the symptoms and clinical picture of the disease, it is precisely because it acts on the etiological agent that causes the disease. What we have discovered is that glutathione reduces and oxidises, that is, eliminates the graphene oxide. That’s why we are convinced that precisely the graphene oxide was the cause of the Covid-19 disease that was introduced, silently and stealthily in the 2019 anti-flu campaign globally. And they caused, with the subsequent electromagnetic bidding that everybody knows – with the famous 5G switch on, the technology trial – the fashionable disease. Remember everyone that all this happened in Wuhan, and in Wuhan there was neither a pangolin, nor was there a bat soup, nor was there a Chinese lady - as we were told in Iker Jiminez’ program, or Freaker Jiminez as you already know him – who escaped from a laboratory with a virus. For those who thought it was something more far-fetched, well, it was something much simpler. At the end of November 2019, the first cases of true Covid-19 occurred where Chinese people suffered dyspnea and fell to the ground. They would fall all at once in the middle of the street. A person who is sick is not on the street, they are at home in bed. But this is so lethal – and when I say ‘lethal’ I mean radiation, - that if they have been previously marked with the flu vaccine, probably, by introducing the graphene oxide into their bodies, in just a matter of minutes the person’s glutathione levels drop drastically and they faint, because we have in the body a natural glutathione reserve and now let’s make some specifics. When glutathione is high we have no problem, but when graphene oxide exceeds glutathione in the balance, it causes the collapse of the immune system and triggers a cytokine storm. And how does graphene oxide exceed glutathione? Well, by electronic excitation. That is to say, it bombards it, oxidizes it more rapidly, and the balance between oxidants and antioxidants in the organism is much higher for the former, thus rapidly triggering the disease. And by pressing a little button that activates the 5G, that is why they know when a wave is coming, the 2nd, the 3rd... The Delta variant, the Lambda..... The Delta variant is the next 5G antennas activation, and that’s why we have to be careful. Then, notice that glutathione levels are low precisely from the age of 65 onwards; at that age glutathione reserves fall drastically. And which is the population most affected by Covid-19? Well, it is mainly the elderly population, isn’t it? Glutathione levels in infants, in children, are very high and Covid-19 hardly affects the infant population. Glutathione levels are extremely low in obese people and for that reason the obese population is one of the hardest hit by Covid-19. Glutathione levels are very high in those people who practice sports intensively and as we can see, the target population that is the least punished by Covid-19 is that of athletes. Everything, everything leads us to believe that N-acetylcysteine worked because it reduced (as it is an endogenous precursor of glutathione) directly the graphene oxide. So we have a weapon there; it is the famous lifelong mucolytic that people have been treated with. We have seen clinical trials with hundreds of patients who were in the ICU, on a respirator and intubated, practically on the verge of death, with bilateral pneumonias caused by the spread of graphene oxide and subsequent 5G radiation in the lung plaques. Well, this diffuse stain in these patients is symmetrical which would not happen with a biological agent, since it would be rather asymmetrical, as for example, when there is a pneumococcal infection, right? Well in that case, a diffuse stain usually appears in one part of the lung, but not in another, not in both symmetrically. So when treated with glutathione via direct intravenous – or even orally as well – or with N-acetylcysteine 600mg or higher doses, people within hours began to recover their oxygen saturation because, of course, they raise their glutathione levels to cope with the toxin that has been introduced or that has been excited, electronically speaking. Okay. Well, what I can tell you, of course is to consult a physician first. Even if it’s a dietary supplement, consult for the prescription – it doesn’t have any, though – but for the prescription that they can give you in case you have some sort of intrinsic variable that might make it incompatible to take glutathione, okay? Of glutathione or N-acetylcysteine, you should always consult with your physician. But in principle, stock up on it. Have N-acetylcysteine and glutathione directly at home. It’s curious Carlos, that on June 17th the WHO, through the FDA, wanted to prohibit the commercialisation of N-acetylcysteine when it has been on the market for 57 years. When that happened we thought it was strange. Just why? We have been told of all the things that make the vaccine lose efficacy, such as ethanol. When it was said that we shouldn’t drink a drop of alcohol, we thought it might be because the ethanol would sweep away the lipid capsule where the MRNA was supposed to go. Maybe it was graphene oxide, encapsulated so that it would reach the neuronal level, and nothing related to DNA as we originally thought. If we sweep ethanol – with ethyl alcohol – off the capsule, then that is why we were told not to consume a drop of alcohol during the vaccine treatment. Because without the capsule, graphene oxide is completely exposed for direct attack by the body’s neutrophils. It’s possible that this was the thrombotic reaction that many people suffered and perhaps they were able to save their lives afterwards. There is no immune response as people think. Then we were told not to sunbathe, not to sunbathe excessively because it also reduced the efficacy of the vaccine. Well, sun is related to vitamin D, and vitamin D is also related to glutathione. When glutathione is low, vitamin D is also low, so that’s why Covid patients have low vitamin D levels. So by stimulating the body to secrete glutathione externally or complementarily by introducing supplementation, it is certainly going to be life saving. There are clinical studies on this. We were also told not to eat seafood. That they did the famous PCR tests on clams and that they had the famous coronavirus, the sequencing of SARS-Cov-2, which is virtual and exists only within a computer algorithm in a computer. And we also know that seafood also raises glutathione levels. So we have to do the opposite of what we are told. We were also told that autopsies should not be performed, and precisely because Dr. Pasquale Bacco performed them in Italy, countless lives were saved afterwards. Because it was seen that these were thrombi, that it was a cardiovascular problem.

So obviously we can no longer trust any of these institutions, and that was one of the reasons why we did the analysis of the vial. It’s as if we were at home and a person who has robbed us 20 times and tried to kill us, knocked on the door and brought us a glass and said: “This is a very tasty coca cola and you have to drink it because it will cheer you up and make you feel great. In a case like that, the first thing I think is: “This is most likely hemlock, since you have already fooled me 9 or 10 times, so I am going to analyse the content of what you are offering me.” And that’s what La Quinta Columna (the fifth column) has done with the vial." Source

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