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Covid: 19 Months Later. A UK Perspective.

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

By Aurora Freeman | BA (Hons) | PG Cert Public Health | Qualified Health Advocate

We are living in strange times here in the UK! Fuel Crisis, Energy Crisis, Shipping Crisis and now they are creating a Food Crisis panic. We may have to cancel Christmas, so they say!

The army will be brought in to make up for the lack of delivery drivers, but many in the 'truth movement' think they will bring in martial law a la Australia. They are going to bring in a Mandatory COVID Certification regime. So far it's for nightclubs and large venues but they will then start adding new places! It's truly scary!

I can't leave the UK as I am 'non-compliant', meaning I refuse to mask, test and vaccinate! Why? Because I completely reject the Covid Narrative. I received a 'Distinction' for my Post Graduate Degree in Public Health Communication criticizing the Government's use of 'Fear Propaganda' to make people do what they want and I have been reporting on this these last two years.

People are finding that their family and friends are pushing this narrative too. Trying to bully and coerce us into getting a series of experimental injections. We have had to become experts on irregular warfare and social engineering. What we have discovered will shock you to your core - I have cried so hard these last two years and fell into a deep depression when the full horror was revealed, but thankfully, I have come out the other side, stronger than ever. I have worked full time on this since Covid first emerged. As a research analyst and a qualified health advocate, I have spent over 4,000+ hours researching and analysing the data. I have been banned from every social media platform, as have many other truth-telling Patriots.

I also got sent this report on vaccine deaths today which is is very useful. Also check my Resources page as there is so much information on there.

I recently wrote about the UK having ordered 442,000,000 more Covid injections. 80% of adults are already 'vaccinated' so this means another 6 shots for every man, woman and child!

The number one reason NOT to start this nonsense? Boosters! The Spanish vaccine pass has 8 spaces for boosters. 8!!!!

Israel is the most vaccinated nation in the world and has the worst outcomes! Lots of hospitalizations and deaths! Over 80% of Israeli adults are vaccinated and they are already on their 3rd booster shots and are now preparing for a 4th! "By contrast, Israelis who were vaccinated were 6.72 times more likely to get infected after the shot than after natural infection... Pfizer continues to refer to Israel as its laboratory in all matters relating to vaccinations, which are considered experimental."

Rogue Governments have dismantled human rights legislation but the majority of people have not noticed that this tyranny is here to stay. This is definitely a Global coup d'état. Have you seen the horrendous stuff happening all over the world? The protests, riots, assignations, coups, police states [Australia]? There is mass censorship everywhere. We are all affected by this war. We must fight it all costs. United non-compliance, education and definitely do your research regarding the injections!

Many families and friends won't discuss any of these issues which have divided many communities. Humanity has NEVER seen anything like this! Most people are still so asleep BUT more people are waking up to the horror that we are indeed in a world war, albeit a 5th generation warfare scenario.

Fifth generation warfare is an attempt to accomplish strategic objectives through the use of propaganda and information attack vectors. It's carried out by unknown actors for unknown reasons. Even if the core enemy is identified, the victim nation will not be able to understand the purpose or end goal. The space in which 5GW is carried out is still evolving and due to the victim organization or nation being unaware of the where, why, and how; it's not possible to counter until harm has already been inflicted.

People are struggling to believe that a small group of people could be so evil and so powerful as to do this, but there is far too much evidence to ignore. The most obvious ones are:

1. There never was a pandemic to begin with. A quick look at your own Government's data proves that.

Where's the 'pandemic'?

Authors, such as Barbara Loe Fisher suggest vaccination was always the desired outcome, whilst more controversial writers such Kevin Galalae, believe these harms are a soft kill approach for the overpopulation problem. I'm not entirely sure, but I did write this article, Is Covid a Bioweapon? about the disturbing research that scientists are conducting. Ex Pfizer whistleblower, Dr Mike Yeadon kindly had a look and felt it was plausible. Boris Johnson's ex-partner Jennifer Arcuri graciously thanked me for putting this article together.

2. Censorship and Coverup - the mainstream media only report from a pro-vaccine standpoint and anyone trying to highlight the Government's own vaccine death and harm data is silenced. They are literally removed from live shows or cut off mid call whilst on air from radio shows such as the BBC. This is a cover-up of mass proportions and it is GLOBAL! The swine flu vaccine killed 53 people in the US then was halted! 53!!! US figures alone show Covid 'vaccines' are already the most dangerous set of vaccines in human history.

A Harvard University study reported that only 1%-10% of injuries and deaths ever get reported:

This makes the figures potentially even more genocidal. Add in the reported deaths by the Brazilian Government [32,000 deaths following the vaccine] = 43,089 + 32,000 = 65,089 reported deaths [EU, UK, US & Brazil]. This is not even the Global figure! If it represents only 1% of the actual figures, this is over 6.5 million deaths from the vaccine. If it is a kill shot, it was not designed to kill people so soon, many are speaking out about Antibody Dependency Enhancement and Immune System Fatigue which is very similar to what happened to the animals in previous corona virus vaccine animal studies, where they survived the shot but when they introduced to virus to the animals they got sick and died. Dr Ryan Cole is a Pathologist in the US. He and his colleagues are seeing a surge in fast-growing cancers in the vaccinated.

Friends, I urge you to join my Telegram channel, as it is censorship free [so far, but recent events in Germany have seen the long arm of Government overreach attempt to silence Telegram for corona misinformation]. Use the search function on there to catch up on things such as the situation in: Australia, Italy, Brazil, etc. Use Duck Duck Go for web searches as other search engines censor heavily.


Many people are in complete denial. Many have taken both doses and many have died shortly after their shots [see the vaccine harms section]. The quantity of death and injury from the 'vaccine' is vast. It will require detailed analysis and auditing, if democracy is be upheld. Some authors suggest these figures are far worse than actual alleged Covid deaths and that they are covering it up. Remember fact checkers are paid by Big Pharma! Much of the science and statistics are data harvested or manipulated.

A German legal firm has formed a Corona Committee and is putting together a massive class action lawsuit - some call it Nuremberg 2.0!

One thing is certain, Covid is far from over! always, we should do our own research and decide for ourselves!


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