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Covid Narrative: The Architecture

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Ahead of next week's BIG news (US Presidential Election & UK's 4 Week Lockdown Vote), I wanted to give you an update on my research on the architecture surrounding this 'Global Plandemic'! 

An open letter from Archbishop Viganò to President Trump explains the current state of affairs very well! Worth reading in full here. He addresses the social engineering of certain globalist interests. These immensely powerful, wealthy and strategically placed people have been working towards this global 'reset' for many years, involving US politicians, Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)! Gates is a megalomaniac who wants to vaccinate the whole world, TWICE, for a virus with a 99.99% recovery rate. If you only watch one video this year, make it this one. In twenty minutes you'll learn why the American election is the most important event of the year and possibly of our life time! Watch it here.  If you have a spare 2 hours, the show is worth watching in full - it discusses Australia, New Zealand and Canada's sinister Covid-internment camps. These are extremely dangerous times! Democracy is being undone, bit by bit, everyday! There is much more to understand, but viewing Covid through a political lens can help with critical analysis of the many untruths, partial truths, facts without context and often times, blatant lies, the Government and the mainstream media are spewing out non stop. The UK Column News has a great alternative analysis. My heart cries out for the devastating outcomes for so many people who's Governments worldwide have installed authoritarian regimes and created fear and hysteria with incessant testing using PCR tests that the inventor himself (Cary Mullis) didn't recommend as anyway diagnostic.

380 trillion viruses live in the human body - that's 380,000,000,000,000 - and this is totally normal! A healthy immune system is vital to good health! This is why we get shingles if our immune systems are weak. Our body defeated chickenpox, but the virus is still there and then resurfaces when we are very poorly. Its the reason we take care of our health. We eat well, exercise, breath clean air. Without a functioning immune system, we cannot live! Who is dying of Covid? Not people with healthy immune systems. We need to help people get and maintain healthy immune systems. Modern society is not healthy! We live in a drug obsessed culture, simply suppressing symptoms instead of root cause analysis! We must educate ourselves and help our loved ones understand the true meaning of health!

I still believe more research is needed in relation to flu vaccines and hypersensitivity to corona viruses and it wouldn't surprise me at all if not a single healthy unvaccinated person has died of Covid. Remember that most people are dying 'with' not 'of' covid, "within 28 days of testing positive", even the CDC recognizes that only 6% of covid death figures (probably a good deal less when the final figures are in) are people without comorbidities. 

I have learnt so much this year, specifically geopolitics, globalisation (UN & WEF) and the US/China Cold War. I highly recommend you research China's '2049 strategy' and their Belt and Road initiative. Needless to say I have become a major Trump fan - if you find this shocking, I ask you to question why this might be so - the media bias and censorship is unprecedented; big tech including Facebook, Twitter and Google have been in court due to accusations of bias, censorship and monopoly. I urge you to research for yourself - I have been curating the best intelligence I can find on my resources page - look at the Breaking News section, but there is so much more to be sourced. Please let me have your best intel so I can update the site!

Thank you for all your feedback and support - I really appreciate it. It was very lonely in the early days when I was shouting from the rooftops and everyone thought I was mad, but I have built up a great community on Twitter and now on Facebook, and more and more people are waking up to this unprecedented power grab, erosion of democracy and the creeping communist agenda. I've been donating to the various Judicial Reviews against the UK Government - you can too here - scroll to the bottom of the page. There is a growing number of us that are appalled at the harms caused by this authoritarian over-reaction - London's ambulance service have reported call outs to 37 suicides and attempts every day now - people are really struggling! I've never worn a mask and I never will - I will not comply to nonsensical, anti-scientific political posturing - even Lord Sumption, ex Justice of the Supreme Court thinks this is the right thing to do! A recent mask safety study is being suppressed by medical journals - are these controversial findings counter to the narrative?  I will fight for every person's right to live a life of freedom, free from medical and political tyranny - free from coercion and deception. I urge you to research for yourself and question the narrative and certainly question the impeding vaccine propaganda onslaught. Research Australia's 'No Jab, No Pay' non-mandatory-but-mandatory vaccine initiative, New Zealand's mandatory testing/internment camps and question the applauding of the CCP's horrendous Covid response by the CCP-influenced-WHO, then rolled out world wide!

Let's hope we can beat this and that we can put into place policies, to ensure that this never happens again! Thank you for listening!

I wish you well and happiness in these difficult times! always, we should do our own research and decide for ourselves!


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