Critique | Universal Law Community Trust

Updated: Apr 10

I have recently been made aware of an ‘organisation’ called the Universal Law Community Trust and decided to spend a little time researching it.

It appears to be based on the old LETS system (Local Exchange Trading Scheme). Are people still using LETS? I hadn't heard anyone talk about it in years. There must be some excellent feedback on LETS that should influence any venture such as this; whether it worked or not and whether there were any legal and tax repercussions, lessons learnt etc? I hoped there had been some solid research done by the folks at Universal Law Community Trust [ULCT] but couldn't see any supporting material on their website. I found their ambition of ‘debt forgiveness’ and ‘we buy any debt’ rather troubling and decided to take a deeper dive.

I wondered what their political ideology was and at first glance, it became clear that it is Marxist in the sense that it focuses on like for like (hourly) labour exchange and uses Marxist inspired terminology such ‘kindness credits’ for work and ‘slave tokens’ for money. Its utopian ideology is also Marxist and attacks the culture of the ‘bourgeoisie’ and middle class ideals. I am a firm believer in entrepreneurialism, property ownership, hard work, life-long learning, family values, outreach work, sustainability and a wholesome community life. I was fed Marxist propaganda on a daily basis during my years at University and have become acutely aware of its pitfalls. One of the most concerning aspects of Marxism is its simplification of complex social and political issues, whilst demonstrating complete disregard and lack of awareness of systemic feedback loops such as those attributed by population growth. After considerable and careful analysis, I came to reject Marxism in all its forms.

Having done a lot of Post Graduate research into empowerment, which I wholeheartedly support, it can be argued that being granted ‘empowerment’ by an organisation such as this, is not empowerment, but is rather more cult-like in its bestowment. Empowerment is a process; and joining forces with others is part of that process, however this organisation does not seem credible with its clandestine and poorly written website, and they do not appear capable or reliably informed enough to navigate the UK’s complex legal system. If tackling legal issues, via the law, is a legitimate endeavour, there should be no need of clandestine operations. I myself, am clandestine and write under a pseudonym, but I am not taking on the British legal system or trying to operate outside it. Empowerment is the legal and political process of challenging and changing this system, not acting like it does not exist; this is not Democracy.

Whilst I am fully aware of the horrific crimes the banking/pharma/elite cabal are perpetrating upon the people of the world, I believe UCLT's venture to be a fruitless activity and generally a waste of time and resources, and possibly worse. I think the tax-free exchange of labour as an element to our lives could prove beneficial, but overall, I don't see UCLT's endeavours as a legitimate solution to the power struggle within contemporary society. I think there are better ways to empower ourselves and become more financially and socially secure. The world is rapidly becoming more populated and external pressures from resource scarcity, corrupt businesses and governments, and a hugely diverse and growing population, create a potentially highly-volatile social environment in which we live. We ignore these factors at our peril!

The art and science of empowerment lies in participation in civic life not in isolation from it. We must occupy positions of influence like school boards, local councils, community groups etc. We must start our own civic groups and engage in society, legally, with the confidence and skillset that this requires - this is true empowerment.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Question | Is the UCLT an anarchist organisation? If so, is it linked to the same people who support Antifa and Extinction Rebellion?


5th February 2021 | If you were in any doubt whether this 'Organisation' is merit worthy, I suggest you watch this one minute video and decide for yourself. Their channel has many other videos should you like to research this further.

18th February 2021 | Ezra Levant [Rebel News] talks about the dangers of Common Law. Common law has a similar ethos to that prescribed by the ULCT.

6th April 2021 | The "Community" Revolution. A look at how to organize and create decentralized community with Karen Dodd [Mark Windows]. Concerns about ULCT are discussed in length. Released 4th April 2021

8th April 2021 | Is ULCT a Cult? The zealous pervasiveness of ULCT is deeply worrying. I wish no part of it and advise others to research deeply before they get involved with such organisations. Safeguarding | See this report of possible coercion of an elderly lady. always, we should do our own research and decide for ourselves!