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D.C. Panel Highlights Shocking Vaccine Injuries

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Watch the heart-breaking testimonies of those injured by the Covid Vaccines in a specially convened Washington DC panel.

Participants include the Astra Zeneca Phase One trial participant, Brianne Dressen, who was shockingly removed from the trial safety data because she was injured. Also teenager Maddie de Garay [5.12 mins], the daughter of a Doctor, who was paralysed by the vaccine.

Where are the safety committees?

Why aren't legacy media channels reporting these incidents?

They are not that rare. See for yourself: WHO VigiAccess [type in Covid-19 Vaccine], UK YellowCard Scheme, US VAERS, European EudraVigilance.

Why is there so much censorship?

Watch the panel in the first segment here.

Collated international data have recorded millions of injuries and over 48,000 deaths. These databases are voluntary reporting systems that have been estimated to account for only 1% of vaccine injuries (see the Lazarus Report).


EU/USA/UK – 48,540 Covid-19 injection related deaths, plus over 7.9 million injuries now reported by over 2.3 million people by end of October 2021

By Robin Monotti & Dr Mike Yeadon

As these injections are still in a trial period, we are told that many EU adverse reactions are reported directly to the pharmaceutical companies

There are also two other Covid-19 vaccines being administered in the EU namely Sputnik V and Beijing CNBG. Millions of doses of each have so far been administered and the EU adverse events database does not currently include anything on these two vaccines.

Please note that the numbers shown for EUdra fatalities above represent the maximum numbers within the database. The database is structured in a way that means it is possible that deaths may be recorded more than once. The European Medicines Agency does not provide clarity on this matter despite repeated requests to do so. You can also find the EU numbers and others here.

UK to 20th October 2021 - 1,738 Covid-19 injection related deaths and over 1.2 million injuries reported by over 378,000 people - Per MHRA Yellow Card Scheme.

In addition we understand that the Janssen injection is being distributed in the UK, within private clinics, and no adverse events are being recorded by the MHRA.

UK reports do not add up every week suggesting that the report is being amended in some way.

MHRA has said they have a considerable back log of data yet to be input, they are all also working from home and not picking up their post and also not distributing hard copy Yellow Cards to hospitals who have not been submitting online reports.

In addition because these injections are still in a trial period we are told that many UK adverse reactions are reported directly to the pharmaceutical companies

Tess Lawrie’s presentation early June focusing mainly on UK ADR’s. Link to the UK ADR’s by the MHRA. The data from the MHRA has been provided in a user friendly format by UK Column. You can also find more information here.

USA to 22nd October 2021 – 17,619 Covid-19 injection related deaths and over 3.9 million injuries reported by over 836,000 people – Per VAERS database.

A whistleblower has gone on record in the US stating that thousands of Covid-19 injection deaths in the US have been concealed and that numbers reported are understated by a factor of 5. Here is a link to the court papers that have just been filed: see page 41 for the Whistleblowers statement.

In addition, further injuries/fatalities for the Americas lie behind Vigibase (a WHO sponsored adverse reaction website) only accessible by health professionals and on the payment of a fee. Link to Vigibase.

VAERS have said they have a considerable backlog of data yet to be input. This may be the reason we have seen huge increases in fatalities over just periods of one or two days.

In addition because these injections are still in a trial period we are told that many US adverse reactions are reported directly to the pharmaceutical companies

These high numbers and deaths are just usual?

  • Billions of doses of the Tetanus jab have been administered since its introduction in 1968, 36 deaths and less than 15k adverse events recorded since then from this jab. See Tess Lawrie comments on this about 45 mins in here.

All numbers in all geographies are under reported. Governments everywhere have historically noted that many cases of adverse reactions never get reported and that the true numbers are 10 to 100 times more. Here is some evidence to support this:

UK – MHRA – Evidence of under reporting:

Table shows the days after a Covid-19 injection before a death reported to US VAERS occurred [Source]

42% of all US reported deaths from the Covid-19 injections occurred within 5 days of a Covid injection, 26% within just one day.

Table above shows vaccine deaths per decade from 1990’s to 2020 per the US VAERS system [Source]

Almost twice as many deaths from the Covid-19 injections reported in less than a year than deaths from all other vaccines combined over the last 32 years.


Many thanks to Dr Mike Yeadon and Robin Monotti for the collation of this data. Source

Follow Robin & Mike on Telegram for daily updates always, we should do our own research and decide for ourselves!


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