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Doctors Only Forum Discusses Covid Vaccine Injury

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Hosted by Medscape - Read now before it is CENSORED!

UPDATE | The Forum is now aware that people are viewing their site. "For all of us in this chat is important to be aware that conversations from this forum are being share on social media right now, and general population are making important health wise decisions based on what they are reading in here." Dr Saavedra

One brave medic writes: "Reactions are being massively under reported. There appears to be very little interest in reporting and investigating even very serious reactions. And professionals who try to speak out are being intimidated, threatened with losing licences/jobs, and having their reputations trashed. No shortage of evidence on THAT! Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, big tech generally AND MSM censoring and removing even highly qualified international experts who dare to speak out about their findings, and successful treatments making 'vaccine' unnecessary. Sorry, but this is the most shameful period for the medical profession, with corruption rife. I don't know anyone who trusts medical professionals anymore.

Prof Sucharit Bhakdi, Prof Dolores Cahill, Dr Peter McCullough, Alex Berenson, Geert Vanden Bossche, Luc Montagnier, Robert W Malone, Dr Roger Hodkinson and VERY MANY others - America's Frontline Doctors, Medical Freedom Alliance, Doctors for Covid Ethics and other similar international organisations have written open letters demanding roll out of 'vaccines' stopped. But you will have to go to alternative internet sites to see and hear them, their evidence and arguments. Bitchute, Rumble, brandnewtube, Telegram - although some censorship now being introduced there too.

And there is the issue of shedding, acknowledged officially in the paperwork, making those who have been vaccinated a threat to those who have not.

All being covered up.

If you do not know any of this because you have not done your research, be ashamed. If you DO know it, but are too afraid to risk speaking the truth, be ashamed. Lives are being destroyed, people are dying in their hundreds of thousands globally. And thanks to ADE etc very many more will die when flu season arrives, and it will be blamed on a 'new variant'."


Debra Chapman | "RN of 34 years in PICU and Peds CVICU, retired in March of 2020. I have worked with pts through every medical scare since the 80's. For at least the last 5 years, we admitted multiple previously healthy children of all ages through the ER with Influenza. Within 24 hours of admission, they were on ECMO. Some survived, some did not. They started pushing the Flu Vax several years back, they then made it mandatory for health care workers. The doctors pushed the Flu Vax, the media pushed the Flu Vax...but it was not mandatory (except for health care workers) and people had a choice. People still got the Flu vaccinated or not. I am curious if this was all a test run for the CV19 vax. I will not take this Vax or the Flu Vax. My true belief is that it is for population control and that you can follow the money and understand why it is being pushed and what their plan is. This vaccine is not for the good of the people. What ever happened to Informed Consent? The people who are being vaccinated are not getting fully informed. Why did the falsely increase the numbers of Covid cases? How can there be a Covid if there has been not a single isolated molecule of covid? How can they admit patients with the diagnosis of Covid and the Delta Strain when there is no test to detect it? Why are they not reporting the true numbers of deaths and adverse events? Something is not right with this whole situation.

Cindy Lewis | "I am an oncologist and over the past 6 months, I have had 5 patients referred for pulmonary embolisms, 1 DVT within 2 months of the vaccine. Multiple patients with monoclonal gammopathy, 1 with painful neuroopathy, 1 patient guillian barre, 2 pts sudden death within a week; several aggressive unusual cancer presentations with4 weeks of vaccine.

During early winter with a local covid outbreak, many of my chemo, immumocompromised patients had covid, and did well!! Not quiet this deadly scenario that everyone is pushing!!

Now the hospital systems in the state are mandating vaccine. After having covid, I feel my immune system is capable of protecting and in the vaccine trials, prior infections, immunocompromised, and significant elderly were not included. I’m NOT getting the vaccine and not pushing it on my patients due to lack of data and the severe consequences I have personally seen!!!

Unfortunately, as stated above, most doctors haven’t done their own research, which I think is a travesty!!!"

Ingrid Huesen | "Nursing: I was blacklisted by the medical corporation about ten years ago following my last iatrogenic injury in BC and travelled across all of Canada seeking medical care only to find the blacklisting has followed me all the way to NB. Fired by all doctors. Denied all surgery. Denied all medical care and to get prescriptions filled I must go to obscure walk in clinics that have not received the “memo” My point - our medical system has been corrupted a long time ago. The medical Apartheid we are witnessing now on a global scale is the inevitable resort of doctors willingly going along with criminal behaviour and covering up for each other by targeting and eliminating their victims. Yes doctors have been committing soft kill for a very long time which is what blacklisting iatrogenic injury patients really is. A death sentence. And yes, they even eat their own. And just in case you didn't know, we have been at war (a very quiet war) for a very long time, fought on all fronts, medical, economic, environmental, political etc. it has only2 just gotten a little louder so people are beginning to notice. My advice? You’d better wake up fast.

Ohio Star | "I’m a hygienist. I’ll never get vaxed. Here’s what I’ve noticed- most people bleed a little with a cleaning but I have noticed the viscosity of the blood is different in some. Its clotting quickly and thick enough that it won’t suction and won’t rinse well stuck on people’s teeth. This can happen sometimes but not as frequently as I’m seeing it now and to the extent of how quickly clots are forming."

AF | "RN in Wi, I will never get this shot. My hospital unit was turned into a COVID unit in March of last year half the patients that were admitted weren’t sick or requiring oxygen and the other half were very sick but also had lots of comorbidities. Last year we had no PPE we had to reuse our N95 mask and get it UV light cleaned, then our facility said we can only re use it for 3 days because the UV lights were breaking down the masks and I never got sick with cv once! Now this year infection control determined Covid patients can go anywhere so we still take care of them and about 80% of people coming in with Covid are double vaxxed! Not to mention the people still getting really sick have multiple co morbidities. I will never get this shot due to the lack of research and the amount of completely healthy people that have come in with adverse reactions to their shot... MDs are too dumb to say they are adverse reactions but when the doctor can’t figure out why the patient with no health hx [medical history], has low blood counts and has been getting a fever ever since his 1st dose that’s concerning. But you won’t hear these things in the media. When my boss confronted me and told me that I should decide if I still want to be a nurse and take this shot or I should choose a different career I would have no problem walking away from this corruption and evil that is taking place."

Dr Data Guy | "2nd largest system in the US proudly mandated a covid shot as a condition of employment today jumping on the bandwagon. 150,000 employees impacted-providers, contractors, remote workers, admin etc. Basically absolutely everyone involved with healthcare. How will this play out and will there be any serious opposition to these mandates or will everyone just go along to get along as we all need a paycheck?"

Charn Love | "Very concerned. There had been no transparency and I don't like that. With the adverse reactions we're hearing about already, why isn't the vaccine pulled out yet? Instead the push is to make it mandatory...... even though a majority have mild or no symptoms & most recover naturally. Now even the immunocompromised are told its safe for them. I don't understand the huge focus to push the vaccine instead of looking at the therapeutics."

Danielle Garelli | "Has anyone noticed if women who got the vaccine before conceiving are getting pregnant staying pregnant just curious. I haven't seen much of it. The lack of fertility studies on the vaccine concern me. Would love to hear success stories."

Ron Reynolds | "Hello @danielle garelli. If I may. I believe that specific data is still very limited but you may want to start here. "Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons."

Among 3958 participants enrolled in the v-safe pregnancy registry, 827 had a completed pregnancy, of which 115 (13.9%) resulted in a pregnancy loss and 712 (86.1%) resulted in a live birth (mostly among participants with vaccination in the third trimester)."

Fay Hall | "Read the study very closely.

Thousands were in the study but they looked at only the 827 that had completed their pregnancy either through live birth, abortion, stillbirth, or spontaneous abortion.

Of the 827 women, 700 of them received their vaccinations during the third trimester. That leaves 127 receiving their vaccinations during the first and second trimester. Of those 127 women, 105 had a spontaneous abortion. 105/127 is 82%. Would anyone in their right mind give a vaccine to a pregnant women that was causing 82% in the first and second trimester to lose their baby? At that rate, clearly something isn't right. And I would think it would give pause to those in the third trimester as well.

The key paragraph is nestled between chart/table three and four."

Dr. Geneen Bigsby | "My concern is that many physicians have lost the ability to objectively look at data. I was trained in residency to evaluate the data with every study that was presented. Most of the recommendations that are being made are based on observational studies, small cohorts, or weak data. And yet....... physicians are repeating the information as if it is fact, encouraging action based on a CDC recommendation that has little to no data to support it. If the data was there, we would all be reading it and supporting the decisions. We are allowing media, government, and fear to get in the way of logical thinking that is based on science. First do no harm. What happened to that. My job is to take care of patients. I do not care if they are wearing a mask or not. I do not care if they have been vaccinated or not. Humans have and always will make decisions that may not be in their best interest. I will take care of them anyway.

Carrl Pruner | "I am very concerned I have looked at the Spanish flu which was started from a vaccine for meningitis during WWI. Every single one of the people that got that vaccine got the Spanish flu and many died. My point is we don't know enough about the long term effects with these shots. CDC is scrubbing the true number of deaths from these shots off the VAERS site. I also know, it is very interesting to me, how in past vaccines or medications that have caused a substantially lower number of deaths have been pulled off the market. Makes me wonder why these vaccines haven't been pulled with the high number of severe disabilities and deaths these shots have caused. Not to mention these shots are not FDA approved at the moment so I can't understand why the push for these shots in humans with lack of approval because of not having the proper testing. I could go on and on but will stop here. "

Ron Reynolds | "@carri pruner With post inoculation reactions being documented around the world, being FDA approved is not going to change what we're seeing. We are in a biological war."

Ellie S | "The mRNA encodes production of spike protein by all the cells. Not just the cells that fight infection. You become a factory of molecular shrapnel (with no off button) along with graphene oxide robbing you of oxygen. And PEG, just in case that isn’t enough."

Ingrid Heusen | "@Ron Reynolds why are people refusing to state the obvious. The “victims” I mean ...the vaccinated, are being injected with the viral MRNA (along with other strange and never before used things) which then spreads to every organ in the body because it was DESIGNED to do so. Look at the “recipe” Oh right, they left the Insert BLANK. Anyway, do your research because enough has already leaked out via independent testing as to the TOXINS in the experimental ...not FDA approved ...gene therapy injection."

Suzanne McNulty | "What I find at odds is the following - here is a popular article comparing Massachusetts and Missouri- two states of about 6 million population, and diverging vaccination rates- about 70% in MA and about 40% in MO. The article goes on and on about rising cases and deaths.

Yet , when one is to pull up overall stats , those look as follows:

MA: 730,381 total cases and 18,112 total deaths

MO: 721,795 total cases and 10,625 total deaths.

These numbers do not exactly fit the earlier narrative.."

Ron Reynolds | "Every bit of this is 100% against the Nuremberg Code! And an absolute infringement on our Constitutional rights.

BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL No 7070 Volume 313: Page 1448,

7 December 1996."

Julia Harbeck | "Check out this site which is growing by the day. The "safe" vaccine is leaving behind many people suffering adverse reactions.

Amye Francis | "I have not been in clinic for a number of years now but read the posts of the seriously injured daily. Two things stand out to me: injured being told their symptoms are not related to the shot or being diagnosed with functional neurological disorder. Even if those with new onset seizures, tics, spasms, paralysis, dyskenesias are truly FND, why the sudden rash of FND in the vaccinated population? Being unable to discover the etio of their adverse reactions to a brand new biologic should not be dismissed by writing them off as having a mental disorder. This adds new injury. The misery so many are experiencing is mind-numbing."

CR | "I am a Registered Cardiology Technologist with over a decade clinical experience. I work mainly in acute settings, usually in the ER at our city's hospital.

What I have observed can not be brushed of as coincidental. I see upwards of 50 patients a shift (so I get a good feel of incoming ED traffic) and I have noticed a large increase in patients 20-40 y/o, who happen to be one day to approx two weeks post vax. Generally speaking my patients are more advanced in age pre vax. Main complaints are chest pain/tightness, SOB, emesis, syncope/presyncope and tachycardia.

I have also noticed an increase in hot strokes coming in. Our ED's patient load has seen a 30% increase from baseline most days as well.

ECG findings in these pts have shown (not necessarily in every incidence or every abnormality in every case): sinus tach ~120 bpm, new RBBB, increased voltage in R wave V1-V3 indicative of RVH, RAE / p-pulmunale, SVE/PVC's, ST sagging globularly and in some cases ST elevation globularly with PR depression indicative of pericarditis.

Labs often have elevated trops.

I generally don't see patients from admission to discharge so I cannot comment on outcomes.

I am not c19 vaccinated and will likely exit my career if mandated. I am likely in the minority at my site but I am sceptical by nature and made it the first 18 months unvaxed so decided to wait and watch. Glad I did. Sorry to those who have and are having a rough time of it. Scary times.

I have also been privy to a physician being censored here in Canada stating such. The collage threatened his license. Ironically I noticed this before I heard of this practitioner and was questioning pulmonary capillary thrombosis as a cause. The ERP's stated no signs of large pulmonary thrombosis being observed from chest CT or xray. Most do not want to acknowledge what they are seeing, but you can see the gear box turning during our brief convos. Likely they know, as I do, that whistle blowers while be silenced and no news media will host any observations contrary to the established narrative. Careers are on the line and they have 4x times the investment to lose than I do. I think this stresses the need to become independent, private clinic running physicians in order to remove external meddling from outside sources including health authorities/subcontractors. Patients and physicians should be the only two parties influencing medical decisions."

Rubay Omics | "Aside from the fact that they are only conditional approvals with no long-term testing, I worry in particular because:

1. it is not known precisely where gene sequence induced protein biosynthesis occurs, and the process is virtually untested in humans,

2. protein biosynthesis produces isolated spike proteins, which are biochemically much more dynamic.

3. side effects on ADRREPORTS and VAERS indicate attacks on endothelial cells,

4. high infection rates in vaccinated indicate antibody dependent enhancement,

5. lipid nanoparticles, according to Japanese regulatory documents, migrate to organs where they should not,

Many political decisions also worry me a lot, but I do not want to comment on those here."

Suzanne Adams | "I think it's extremely important that we follow the case reports, especially autopsies, regarding thrombocytopenia and vaccine reactions.

Here is one just in on Research Gate:

Ron Reynolds | "If someone is suffering from the post-vaccine syndrome, we have found Ivermectin to be helpful based on several dozen experiences.

Sylvia Cleis | "Many med professionals....including myself...from the dental field...have posted much relief from magnesium, B12, folate supplements."

Suzanne Adams | "The unavoidable and unilateral contracts that nations had to sign to get their "vaccine" doses from big pharma says it all. They are now committed to use these dosages and are afraid that they will go to waste, if not.

JAMA report (be sure a study the graphs):

Myocarditis and Pericarditis After Vaccination for COVID-19:

German Pathologists keeping track of vaccine deaths via their autopsies:

Ron Reynolds | "How much credibility does a Nobel Prize-winning French virologist Luc Montagnier, (who is credited with discovering HIV) have with the Medical Community?

Luc Montagnier says it is clear, the new variants are a production and result from the vaccination and that it is the anti-bodies produced by the virus that enable an infection to become stronger (ADE).

“I Will Not Get Vaccinated” – Nobel Prize Winner French Virologist Professor Luc Montagnier Who Discovered HIV.

Suzanne Adams | "I am extremely concerned, especially about the blood clotting. It's been obvious to me from the beginning that these vaccines would do this, especially in people who are low in zinc as zinc regulates blood clotting and platelet function. I have a doctor friend who I believe is suffering from this condition right now, having severe headaches and high blood pressure ever since taking the Pfizer shots. This new JAMA article should lift everybody's eyebrows and demand a stop to mandating these so-called vaccines (be sure and study the graphs):

Myocarditis and Pericarditis After Vaccination for COVID-19:

Zinc and Thrombosis:

Zinc promotes clot stability by accelerating clot formation and modifying fibrin structure

Zinc: an important cofactor in haemostasis and thrombosis

Zinc: an endogenous and exogenous regulator of platelet function during haemostasis and thrombosis

Diagnostic Testing for Differential Diagnosis in Thrombotic Microangiopathies

Zinc Deficiency—An Independent Risk Factor in the Pathogenesis of Haemorrhagic Stroke?

COVID-19 as triggering co-factor for cortical cerebral venous thrombosis?

Suzanne Adams, BS, CT(ASCP)

Cytotechnologist always, we should do our own research and decide for ourselves!

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Simpson Garcia
Dec 23, 2021

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