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Dr Mike Yeadon's Grave Warning: Say NO TO ALL THIS CONTROL, Early on, Before it is Unstoppable!

Written by Dr Mike Yeadon | Ex Pfizer VP

Edited by Aurora Flynn | PG Cert Public Health

Dear Colleagues & Friends,

By now, I expect you’ve developed an understanding of what the perpetrators are up to in relation to Monkeypox?

In 2019, a group of people, companies & institutions fortuitously ran a tabletop simulation (Event 201) of the emergence in China of a novel coronavirus, only to have a near enough an identical outbreak happen months later. How blessed are we for their foresight!?

Last year, a similarly-constituted group ran another simulation, this time of an outbreak of Monkeypox, including dates & events. The start date in this simulation was in May 2022. By ASTONISHING coincidence, an outbreak of Monkeypox just started, in May 2022.

NTI_Paper_BIO-TTX_Final (2) Pox Doc
Download PDF • 1.78MB

I’ve pointed out previously that US military & spook apparatus have been running simulations of pathogen outbreaks (some natural & others non-natural i.e. deliberate or accidental) since way back in the 1990s.

Here is a detailed documentary on such activities. #DarkWinter

I wonder what Robert Kadlec is up to these days?

Now, I’m not a conspiracy theorist (despite my generously written Wikipedia entry... I’d never had such a thing unless some presumed kindly fans created it for me) BUT....

I mean, come off it. If you were to show this post to someone who’d not been paying attention, shouldn’t they go white? It’s so unequivocally planned, which removes the objection I hear often “it’s too complicated to have planned this” & “it would leak. You can’t plan something like this & it not leak!”

Well, it didn’t leak, did it? In fact, it didn’t leak, twice. Covid19, then Monkeypox. So strike those objections. THEY’VE BEEN PLANNING THESE “OUTBREAKS” FOR DECADES (see Paul Schreyer video).

Belgium has just announced mandatory quarantine for those testing positive for Monkeypox.

You can see where this could go, if the perpetrators intend it to.

At very least, they’re engaged in what has been called a “totalitarian shuffle”, where we’re repeatedly exposed to “problem - reaction - solution”, whereby they create a frightening situation, amplify it through mass media, then impose their solution, another click along the road to a permanent bio security state.

IF WE COMPLY WITH THIS OBVIOUS NONSENSE, THE END-GAME IS ALL TOO CLEAR. The lifting of c19-related restrictions will be copy/pasted to Monkeypox related restrictions, and sooner rather than later, massed vaccination will begin.

Meanwhile & entirely independently, food shortages are being engineered, through a long list of absurd events. Livestock is being slaughtered because they release methane, allegedly damaging the climate. Millions of chickens are culled because of a single bird flu “case” (by a PCR test) & the staff fired. Chicken & egg shortages are beginning. Fish farms are closing due to alleged bacterial outbreaks. Food processing plants are mysteriously catching fire. Conflict in Eastern Europe has already disrupted the fertiliser supply chains everywhere, so crops are either planted without this crucial input or not planted at all.


Imagine what’s going to happen when people finally realise that the shortages in the shops aren’t going to be resolved & it’s only going to get worse? None of us in the rich West have given a thought to the possibility that there are insufficient calories to prevent mass starvation & death on a biblical scale.

This is the real story, not Monkeypox or any other alleged pandemic.

Yet additionally, the same perpetrators are engaged in wanton destruction of the wider economy & especially the sovereign currencies of the world. Everything is to be destroyed, including savings, investments & private property rights. They’re already preparing their Great Reset, where Year Zero has all of us totally dependent upon the state & central banks in order to obtain food rations. Mandatory digital ID is the logical step to enable equitable distribution of limited supplies of food & other goods.

So, I implore you to do your own research & persuade as many people around you who are not already clued up that a small, self-appointee elite group are taking down humanity, deleting freedoms are forcing dangerous treatments on them as a requirement to be able to live & move around.

If we don’t say NO TO ALL THIS CONTROL, early on, before it has a chance to create its own unstoppable momentum, I see no way to avoid being funnelled exactly as these monsters have planned.

I don’t know what the best responses are. Forgive me. I missed that part of my education. But some resourceful people do know the likely, most-effective responses. I’m looking out keenly for a sign that such people exist anywhere.

Best wishes


Note: Dr Yeadon References Brucha Weisberger's article. Highlights below:

They seem to be at it again, but we have the benefit of experience. We have to try to wake everyone up!

THIS TIME, we can know better than to go along with testing, quarantines and lockdowns.

THIS TIME, we can know that there is safe and effective treatment (more on that later), and we can NOT take their dangerous treatment or vaccine offered, under any circumstances.

THIS TIME, we already know that HOSPITALS can be killing fields.


God willing, we COULD STOP IT IF WE UNITE!

Remember, everything they want to offer is pure bad news.

The tests serve to create the case count they need, with the accompanying fear and compliance.

The lockdowns isolate people socially and further increase the psychological control power. Sweden showed us that the lockdowns did not help at all. Countries which locked down in 2020 only incurred a huge toll of misery and death from various sources as a result, but no benefit, only net harm.

The treatment for Covid which they recently developed (Paxlovid) is quite dangerous and is causing rebounds. Whatever they are offering as a monkeypox treatment is bound to be bad news. Source

Further Reading always, we should do our own research and decide for ourselves!

Use Discernment!


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