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Dr Mike Yeadon: "Westminster is Not Going to do a Darned Thing"

Written by Dr Mike Yeadon | Ex Pfizer VP and Whistleblower

Edited by Aurora Flynn | PG Cert Public Health

With greatest of respect to those campaigning hard on this and so many other aspects of this global fraud, but note this:

In October 2020, I wrote to 1000 UK parliamentarians (all MPs and as many Lords as I could find emails for), detailing what was happening.

It became totally clear that no one in Westminster is going to do a darned thing.

Worse, your hope that they might, serves to distract your efforts from anything else.

I realised the only path forward, was to try to reach as many people as possible. I know that this method is unlikely to become sufficiently influential, but it’s an utter waste of time and energy to appeal to these impotent, complacent fools.

I suspect most are following the Whips' direction, and those who’ve broken out of their trance, have either been threatened or bribed, or both.

Sir Christopher Chope is a rare candle in the dark, but his colleagues don’t even stay and listen.

Nothing good is coming out of Westminster.

Harsh, but better to avoid disappointment.

Apologies if I offended anyone. I think you’ll know that nothing is further from my mind. Thank you for all you do.


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Further Reading always, we should do our own research and decide for ourselves!

Use Discernment!


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