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How I Made My Way to Freedom by Dr Patrick Quanten MD

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Excerpt | Worth reading in full here. Emphasis added.

"From the moment you give the control and power over your health away you are in deep trouble. Because you have taken the decision power away from the expert, and handed it to the imbecile. Your own system is the only one that knows what needs to be done in order to stay healthy or to regain a healthy state. It knows in which order to do things in, how to do it and has the means to do it.

Now you know your system knows, but how will YOU know? Two essential things to remember here: stop and shut up. As long as you are rushing around, busying yourself with Life, there is no way Life can talk to you. Look at it as a two-way radio system; as long as you press the button and keep talking you will never get a message from the other side. If you want to listen to Life, you need to pay attention, be patient and remove the filter of logic. You know when this filter is in use, when you hear yourself say "I can't do that!" Remove it and listen to your real voice because the truth is ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. You can make tumours disappear almost overnight; you can heal shattered bones; you can send messages to someone else telepathically; you can survive poisonous living circumstances (biochemical as well as mental); you can stop feeling pain; YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT TO DO…

...Who are you really?

So now you are free! You are free from the restraints of the profession. You are free to speak, but nobody listens anymore. You are free to do what you want, but nobody wants what you do. You are free, but restricted by the fact that the only you ever knew anything about is no longer available to you. Do something else — or continue rowing against the tide. Fade into obscurity and let the world continue its evil game — or continue to expose the dangers of a society that believes all truth comes from advertising. You have reached the crossroads of Life.

After all you've said and done, can you now shut up and go away?

Can you live quietly accepting life as it is presented to you?

Can you live quietly preparing the world for your children, pretending everything is all right?


For yourself, you change the foundations of society. It doesn't matter that the rest continues to be ignorant and that they dominate the scene. What matters is what you believe!

Start learning these basics:

  • You are the centre of your universe, your world

  • Take full responsibility for everything that happens to you

  • Whatever happens to you, you create

  • Whatever you want to happen to you, make it happen for others

  • Accept Life as it is, not as you want it to be

  • Concentrate on each single step, individually — never mind where you think you are going

  • Total flexibility makes you unshakeable

  • Security is the belief you carry inside your heart

  • Logic is the pauper-king of the prison-world people live in; your gut-instinct is intelligence

…As you become independent, less dependent on the structure others need, on the approval of others, on personal desires, you feel the changes in your physical body. Your mind clears. It feels like a fresh morning after a stormy thunderous night; ozone is in the air. Your head lifts up and you start to stand and walk straight; there is a lightness in your step. Your chest opens up and your breath is liberated. You can breathe freely. The knots in your stomach disappear; anxiety is a thing of the past because whatever comes next is going to be all right. You have lost the desire to control your life, you are just steering it. You are in charge of your boat, not of the sea state. And your future, your faith depends largely on the sea and on how well you read the signs and steer your boat. You are the skipper of your Vessel, your Ark, on the Ocean of Life.

So, don't let anybody tell you what you should do. There is nothing you should do; there is everything you could do...

...In order to survive, kill your ego and greed...

...Make sure you don't have anything anybody may desire, and if they do want something let them have it, because you don't need anything except your freedom, self-worth, and self-belief. Make sure you do not cooperate with anybody or anything, and if you do, that you are prepared to let it all go when repayment time has come. Pressure creates resistance. The more you strive to achieve something, the stronger opposition will grow. You don't need to fight the unfairness, the deceit, the cruelty. Just make sure you don't employ similar tactics; and don't ever actively or passively co-operate with it. If then even your non-cooperation leads you into real trouble because you are still perceived as a threat, accept life as it is. Whatever comes your way, is there for a reason. If you are prepared to learn — the best school is experience — then accept the experience for what it is. Remember: the only important thing in Life is your freedom — the freedom that lies inside — and don't allow anyone to take your freedom from you. When you no longer have your freedom, you have become a slave; a slave to possessions, a slave to fame and fortune, a slave to respectability, a slave to martyrdom, a slave to whatever it is you have relinquished your individuality to. From the moment you can no longer make up your own mind, follow your instincts, do what feels right to you, you are imprisoned. However, be careful not to go out of your way to be different in order to prove to yourself that you are free. You can be in the crowd, do like everybody else is doing and yet be totally free. It is not about what you do, it is about who you are."

Podcast | Covid, Medical Freedom, and Energy Medicine with Dr. Patrick Quanten always, we should do our own research and decide for ourselves!


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