Is FRIDAY 5th the BIG DAY? Information OVERLOAD! Mike Lindell & General Flynn.

Updated: Feb 6

Full Credit to WE THE PEOPLE WORLDWIDE, [03.02.21 22:17] [Forwarded from Michael Dunn]

Update Feb 6th 2021

"The advantage in life, in business, and in wartime goes to the competitor who does not FLINCH AND DOES NOT BROADCAST HIS GAME PLAN." General Flynn

Friday was a GREAT day!! Not exactly what we had hoped for but Mike Lindell's Documentary came out and General Flynn spoke on the Doug Billings show, giving us all hope [see below for links]. I suggest that this article will remain very relevant in the near future and it shall remain on the site. If it transpires that it is disinformation or poor intel, it will be removed, but my gut says that this is part of the plan and that we should 'hold the line' [or as General Flynn said 'hold the wine'].

Original Article The official announcement of martial law and a legitimate military government, in effect since 12:00 AM on January 20, 2021, was made on Friday, January 29 at 6:00 PM EST (11:00 PM GMT).

The official announcement of Biden's arrest along with 355 congressmen and 109 senators (464 elected) on January 24 and 25 was made on Sunday, January 31 at 4:35 PM EST (10:35 PM GMT - 11:35 PM Amsterdam / Brussels / Paris).

These announcements were made on the dates and hours above to all American media (televisions, radios and national newspapers) and to all world news outlets. As expected by the legitimate military government that runs America, as well as Trump and Qforce, this official information was 100% censored by all official world media. The US military government knew this and wanted it that way.

As with Biden and his party's coup d'état, the legitimate US government is allowing the US media to commit widespread treason by having them censor the legitimate government's official statements about measures of national security and immediate danger to the American nation.

The Illuminati media of the 4th Reich have all fallen into a trap. Now the legitimate military government can take over (provisional) control of all such terrorist media whenever it wants, as dictated by law and the US Constitution.

The US military government will take control (by force) of all official media (radios, televisions, newspapers) across the United States this Friday, February 5 at 6:00 pm EST (11:00 pm GMT or midnight in Amsterdam / Brussels / Paris).

This includes the acquisition of all US channels on the broadcast satellites that broadcast live in Europe. This also means that all Europeans with a satellite reception antenna who receive US channels can no longer be censored and will therefore find out the truth from Friday evening February 5, 2021.

Among other things, the US military will be obliged to broadcast on all these American mass media the revelations about Biden's coup d'état, his arrest with elected officials on Sunday, January 24 and Monday, January 25.

Finally, on February 12, the US military government will officially (evidence submitted to all world governments and to the press internationally) publish all evidence of the conspiracy committed by the French, Chinese and other governments to create a false global epidemic, to overthrow the US government. This by ruining its economy and by destroying the entire world economy.

It is an act of war that gives, among other things, the legitimate right of the US government to overthrow the Macron government and any other terrorist government.


Thursday 4th | Video | MyPillow® Mike Lindell claims he will expose the massive voter fraud that stole the election from Trump on Friday 5th: "It'll be the most important documentary you ever watch in history." Watch Mike talk about it here.

Friday 5th | Here it is! Mike Lindell's Documentary 'Absolute Proof'

Backup Channels - it has already been removed on many platforms - also watch it on:

Mike Lindell

Stop World Control

One America News

An in-depth expose on the US Election Fraud Scandal Exposé detailing the foreign and domestic interference - this should make every citizen question their own country's electoral integrity. Lots of analysis on voter numbers, forensic cyber analysis, information and cyber warfare, chain of custody tampering and whistleblower testimony.

Key Terms

Q Snatch = Malware that recorded individual logins

Dominion Voting System = Voting machines running data collection software

Friday 5th | General Flynn Interview with Doug Billings

General Flynn's satellite live link is a bit glitchy, but he is worth listening to. He encourages us to get involved in politics, social groups, election integrity etc. always, we should do our own research and decide for ourselves!