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ITALYGATE: Maria Zack Blows the Whistle

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Nations in Action Has Some Very Interesting, High-Level Intelligence. What happened in 2020? What happened to the Italian witnesses? Who benefits from election INSECURITY?

Transcription by Aurora Flynn

Nothing is as it seems…

"You are being deceived by your own government. Buried beneath layers of greed, treachery and propaganda is an infrastructure, a “shadow government,” created by powerful individuals who seek to control the world. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is very real and Nations In ACTION is committed to exposing the truth.

38 of the worlds most powerful individuals control more than half of the governments on earth. The “elected” government is merely a façade. In most cases, people working in government are completely unaware of the existence of this entity. If they suspect it exists, they have no idea who is behind it.

Nations In ACTION stands for truth and transparency in government and we are determined to not only expose the truth, but end this ungodly reign over our lives and restore power to the people of every nation.

When you understand the truth, everything begins to make sense." Nations in Action

Watch Maria Zack [Nations in Action] Testify to the Kansas Legislature on the Latest Evidence of Election Fraud [Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee 03/15/2022]

Maria Zack, Political Scientist, Strategist and CEO is Chair Of The Board Of Directors of Nations in Action. Her testimony is as follows [Full transcript]

4.50 mins Good morning. We are Nations in action and we are an organisation that is devoted to transparent Government, transformative politicians, trustworthy parties and truthful media. We have been around since 2017 and we have been blessed with volunteers from around the world.

A bit about my background will help me explain, as to why I am doing what I'm doing and who I am. I have been involved for over thirty years in Government affairs. I was a globally elite trained Government affairs operative with the Philip Morris family of companies...

6.30 mins Today there's a lot of controversy and things that you've heard, of problems in the world with elections. We've known about it globally. We watched countries fall and Americans suffer when we have to fund more activities because of countries that have fallen abroad to our friendly partners.

6.50 mins Today we are faced with a new reality. We have interference from China. Because of the activities that China and others have been doing to infiltrate our computer systems, we knew about Solarwinds and the hack that was occurring right around the election time of 2020. What a lot of people didn't realise is that the actual DNI report, from the Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe was delivered in January 19th of 2021, that stated there was interference from China. So one must ask, 'what did it do in Kansas'? It wasn't that they were [conducting] cyber warfare in places that weren't Kansas, it was everywhere. So Kansas is impacted. The question is, how did they impact you and why? And what were the motives and the people behind it? So the question also begs, what is the solution to make sure that infiltration doesn't happen? Having worked in a legislature, I actually got my start working as staff in the Florida legislature and working on budget issues, I know that constraints that you have and also the ability to have cyber security experts. I would ask, have you ever had a telemetry expert come and testify or be a participant in any legislation? Mostly likely not. And that is where the crux hits of where the one person who knows exactly how to steal your election in 2020 and how all that came about. It is my hope and I welcome questions, as it's a lot of information and [at] high level...

8.58 mins Something's wrong and I think every American, regardless of party can ask that question of what is wrong? And how did things happen? And there were so many things that were egregious against the Kansas statutes, that you have to start saying 'hold on a second, do we believe in the rule of law? Do we sit here every day, at session, and say, do these laws actually mean something? And are we going to put teeth in them? The thing that I was most proud of was Senator Amy Klobuchar, who's a Democrat, who testified in the United States Senate and she's a US Senator, and she testified to the fact that Dominion machines were hackable. She was followed by another Democrat, yet the Republicans sat quiet. So we have to stop a second and go 'ok, it's 2020 and it's a different election year and now the Republicans are screaming'. So I've got news for everyone, America is screaming, regardless of partisanship. So we need everyone to stop a second and look back, watch what really happened. There are a chain of events that law enforcement need to address. And, in world war two, the one thing that they did, was made sure there were three men in the foxhole. And there were three men because you couldn't trust one necessarily by himself, two, he could be persuaded; three makes it a whole lot harder. Because you have federal state and local law enforcement agencies, we highly recommend, that in this instance, that you immediately empanel law enforcement, public corruption agency that combines the three entities that help look into the international impact of election fraud. And that is what you are dealing with today, so unfortunately, it is now on the doorstep of Kansas.

10.56 mins. The two affidavits that were delivered into congress, and they were delivered from Italian citizens that contacted us. Intelligence agencies had been trying to reach out because their country had already fallen and that is what is happening around the world. The intelligence agencies are watching corruption and China coming into their countries and buying off politicians and hiding things, and using fraud to do amazing efforts to take over and own property, and in some instances, countries. So today, I am going to play for you an audio tape that should shock you all. It'll shock America. This is the first place I have chosen to testify in. I could have walked into any state. I know my way around. We've already proven my credentials. I know Government affairs. I can walk in, and when I play this for you, and why Kansas? Because Kansas was a pro-Trump victor of electors. But I would argue that you don't know. You do not know the real result of your election. You are also probably not been made aware of what was occurring in Italy.

12.15 mins Leonardo, the defence contracting firm, had some strange occurrences happening with people coming in and out, that the intelligence services witnessed, of people coming from Frankfurt into the Italian US Embassy in Rome, on via Veneto. This instance enabled individuals to come forward, and supposedly, according to the Italian intelligence services work with Leonardo to change the results of the United States election. But more frightening, is that they claim there was forty seven to fifty two presidential elections around the world and they now have telemetry experts, over two hundred, that speak foreign languages, that all all different. So what you are dealing with is a very calculated attempt to take down presidencies and control countries. So this audio that I am about to play for you was from an individual who is a member of the CIA and the State Department. His name is Larry Johnson. Many of you may not know, but I am not only the person that hand delivered that letter to Donald Trump on Christmas eve in 2020, telling him who stole the election, where they stole it and how they stole it. And my number one goal was to bring back one of the people who was in the satellite centre. His name was Arturo D'Elia. My goal was to rescue him and bring him over to America because he was willing to testify. There were people that would not assist, that I thought would assist but what was most shocking was this voice recording that I will play now:

Maria, hi, Larry Johnson, we spoke yesterday. Uh, listen, I needed to see if you would help us get in touch with the lawyer, because after you talked to him yesterday, he went missing. Um. We have people in Italy now and are ready to have the person that’s in jail. We’ve got a national security team that can extradite him and bring him back safely to the United States. So that’s already lined up. There’s no need for an airplane, as the airplane is going to be provided and witness protection provided, and you can call me at your convenience on 301 442 5957.

That’s our United States Government supposedly. National security that are going to rescue Arturo D’Elia. Anyone know about that? Probably not. Anyone? Because most Americans had this truth hidden from them. That there was an operation, supposedly, that the number one thing they were looking for in the beginning of that message was where the lawyers were and the people who did the affidavits, who were being hunted to be killed. These are brave people around the world that are trying to tell the truth and having great difficulty with the United States Government apparatus. Telling the truth is not easy and people are risking their lives…

15.35 mins That is called proof. That needs an investigation. Where’s our law enforcement? It should be at the local, state and federal levels immediately to investigate Larry Johnson and the activities that he did in the United States during this whole event. You know everyone says, 'if you see something, say something' right? Then what happens? You get blasted. We had patterns of illegal activity across the country. We had people not matching signatures on the ballots. We had witnesses galore filling out affidavits. I am so proud of the team at Nations in Action because they filed many, many affidavits. They saw the computers actually online and there are photographs, so if anyone says the machines, 'the machines weren’t online', that is false! So these witnesses that have come forward, have also identified over thirty five thousand illegal cross county voting, just in Georgia alone, that relates to President Trump’s talk with Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, where he was saying, I know that there were votes there that were illegally cast. He was right. He is actually vindicated in the proof today because the cross reference with the State documents and the US postal service feed shows that these people did not live where they actually voted. Those votes should have never been counted. Now we have illegal votes that were cast using fake residences and business addresses, photocopied identical ballots and stacks fed into tabulators and many fake unfolded, unmailed absentee ballots. Of the thousands of affidavits just filed in Georgia alone, would you like to know how many arrests were made? Zero! Zero.

17.30 mins All those great citizens who we ask to do us a favour and help us with our right to vote, to go and volunteer to work polls, had no assistance at all, in having a free and fair election and they witnessed the failures of America. And now you should be asking me, who are the people in Italy Maria? Who are they, that actually coordinated and conspired? Because this is where we really break things down and show you the proof of what occurred.

18.05 mins Stefano Serafini on you left, is actually a member of our State Department, who retired just days before the election. It is said that he, in an intercept, it was picked up that he was retiring, so he wouldn’t lose his pension should he be caught. He was coordinating with General Claudio Graziano. General Graziano at the time was also the EU Commander. And they were meeting across the street at the St Regis Hotel, and it was with Ignazio Moncado who is the CEO of Fata, which is a subsidiary of Leonardo, one of the largest defence contracting firms in the world. They are the largest in Italy. And they receive numerous United States Military and Intelligence contracts. That should frighten everybody right now. Now, they were meeting in his hotel and in March of 2020 they were coordinating this plan.

19.11 mins The Italian intelligence services actually provided me with cell phone number of the ‘Go Order’. And it goes to General Graziano. So then you ask, well, they concoct the plan, they have to go get the IT guys, who’s going to do it? Well they already had a guy. His name is Charles Robinson. He is a telemetry expert. He came in a week prior to the election of November 2020. He upload MilSpec software and had travelled from Frankfurt. He was working there with Arturo D’Elia. He is an IT guru in Italy. He is known as the smartest. The Italian Secret Service actually received information from Arturo’s girlfriend, who we can consider his wife as they’ve been together so long. Her uncle is part of the Italian Intelligence Services. She said, ‘Uncle, Arturo came home and said he doesn’t understand why we are stealing America’s election’. They immediately go to Leonardo and investigate. Arturo confesses.

What they don’t know. What Arturo doesn’t know and anyone else. The Italian Intelligence Services with the help of the Guardia di Finanza, who were conducting the investigation, and they said they were there to check for financial fraud. So they were checking all the other employees, saying they ‘hey, you got anything? What’s going on around here? Any financial fraud? And one guy, he was a little nervous and he said ‘I don’t have financial fraud, but something strange happened in the satellite centre and I would like to confess.’ There was actually a second person, and we actually named him ‘Beta’. Beta confessed to the Italian Secret Service, corroborating the entire story, that Arturo D’Elia told to the Intelligence Services of Italy.

21.05 mins This is Arturo. Arturo was hiding in the facility for eighteen days, while I tried to rescue him. I am just a citizen. I’m not agency. I shouldn’t have to go do this for my Country but I will bleed for my Country and I had an opportunity to bring the witness and try to rescue him before he would be murdered leaving Italy. For eighteen days, we hid him. And I personally funded and took money out of my retirement to do this. I can tell you that I was at the last straw and made a recommendation in the beginning of December, to drop an article in Italy because I didn’t know what else to do. I couldn’t get to anyone. And I have thirty years of experience and I had to wonder, why is it that a lot of the elected officials that I went to were so afraid of me coming out with this information? It didn’t matter if they were Democrats or Republicans because I know everyone. I know Stacey Abrahams. I know Brian Kemp. I know them all and they’ve known me for years and they know me to be a very honest person. I will bleed for my Country and I will not cover for my party or any individual that I consider a friend, because we are at war. And that is what America deserves. So I drew up the recommendation and strategy to drop the article in Italy. The day the article dropped, all hell broke loose in Italy. They immediately put out for the arrest of Arturo D’Elia, and they arrested and jailed him. They fired the Head of Cyber for the country and they fired the Head of Telecom for the country. Just on one day! I dropped one little article. Isn’t that amazing? I’m sure that’s totally pure coincidence.

22.57 mins The timeline. We did an extensive timeline of what was occurring as this happening. We knew that the meetings were taking place from March of 2020 and then into the summer. The first week in November, the crew arrived to the US Embassy. There were data thrusts during the election because they said they couldn’t keep up with all the votes and switching them. It was through the use of the Galileo satellite, that was taken offline to load the MilSpec software. And let me make it very clear, I also own an IT company, I have friends that are both Seal Team 6 former members, that are communications and IT specialists. You have a document in your folder that explains how the satellites can be used. There are many methods. Anyone get satellite TV? It’s the same thing. So I’m going to make it real easy for you because I tell you, IT can be a bit complex. And so they loaded the software. They used it. Arturo goes home and tells his significant other. The Italian Intelligence Services reach out to us on November 18th. They said something happened. We are watching a coup d'état in the United States of America. They were fearful of meeting with anyone.

26.26 mins The Italian Government Heads changed and did the arrests of the Sparkle, Telecom and CERT. And then the CIA operatives fled immediately from the Embassy

The same day as the article dropping. That is not coincidence. This one of the Gentlemen, if you notice the sneakers. Same guy. That picture is from the United States Rome Embassy. Nobody can get that picture unless you are Italian Intelligence Services. The camera is super high up and it is a secured facility and a secured item. They sent me that photo. They were sending me documents and sending me photos. Because they knew there was no one in the United States Rome Embassy that they could trust. And that is a sad, sad day for America to wake up to this reality. It is not partisan, I will remind everyone. This is a whole different operation and a whole different war that we are fighting.

25.34 mins These are the other operatives that were fleeing one that day. They told the ticket agent that they were returning back to Frankfurt which confirmed everything. Leonardo actually has their facility for all of their cloud services in Frankfurt and they recently moved it. But at that time it was in Frankfurt. They were also looking at renaming Leonardo and breaking it into pieces as we speak. Sound familiar? Maybe something that used to be called Facebook?

So then we have the Gentleman in the centre. There’s a Gentleman with a very large bicep. And you would say ‘huh, why do we care about that Gentleman’s bicep?’ We care a lot about that Gentleman, because that Gentleman is out of Canada. He is not an American. He is Canadian. These Gentlemen, this one in particular, we received a tip immediately, that this Gentleman, Charles Robinson, had confessed to stealing races in Arizona as early as 2000. Including Janet Napolitano's race for Governor. He returned back to Canada with a brand new sports car and confessed to a fellow co-worker, while he was working at one point for Dominion, then he was not working for Dominion, then he went back to Dominion, then he left and was working for another company.

27.11 mins This Gentleman has an extraordinary large bicep. He’s very well known by this source. This source worked with Canadian law enforcement, who seemed to be a lot more willing than our Federal agencies. And they started tracking the Gentleman. The sources claim that this is the guy that was so brilliant as a telemetry expert, that he was able to load the software and change the votes. He now has three woman and there are people hunting him because people have followed my work and sadly some of them have done things that are, in my opinion, treasonous. They have gone to Italy under the guise of collecting money to go do an investigation on Italy and they’ve taken this information and gone and gotten massages, rented villas and they’ve also inspired people to go hunt this guy down, as well as Stefano Serafini from the US Embassy. Serafini is still in Italy. He does not return to his McLean, Virginia home because he knows there are Americans looking for him. In my opinion that was very wrong, to insight Americans to go after and hunt these people. But Americans are desperate for politicians and law enforcement to do something. So I beg of you to work with law enforcement and make something happen after this presentation. Because there is too much proof, to not have it happen.

28.43 mins Now for Alexander Nix. That name should be familiar to all of you. He was very involved in races in 2016 and prior. He was involved in the Cruz campaign. He was involved in the Trump campaign. And he was fined in part for the use of people’s data from Facebook. A huge, massive fine that Mark Zuckerberg had to pay, and I always found it odd why would Mark Zuckerberg be working with the IT guy from Cambridge Analytica, out of London and yet they are working to help Republicans? It doesn’t seem to make sense because Mr Zuckerberg seems to be on the other side. Well, the Italian Intelligence Services immediately started giving me downloads on all the people, including sending me their picture and phone numbers out of their phones, showing and verifying that they not only knew who they were, but they had relationships. One person actually drove Alexander Nix to the CEO’s office at Leonardo in Italy. Now you must ask yourself, why an IT guy who has voter technology would actually be going to a defence contracting firm in Italy? It doesn’t make sense does it? No it doesn’t. And so you have to ask, ok, so Alexander Nix, is the MI6 like the Italian Intelligence Services says? Was he in meetings in America? With CISA? The Security Association that was ensuring our elections? I am told that he was actually given permission and attendance of our election integrity and security meetings of our United States Federal Government as late as October 2020. And he is a British Citizen. He is not American and he ran an IT company as his ‘cover’, called Cambridge Analytica were there are movies by Brittany Kaiser and others, Chris Whiley, are two very liberal Democrats who came out and they saw something and they said something. And these people know something is wrong and they have written books and I highly recommend reading those.

30.02 mins So, while this going on, the Italian Intelligence Services started telling me how things were breaking down in Italy and the Italian Government was going to collapse. I am not one that has received an intelligence briefing in my life. I was state lobbyist, you know many people just like me. And so, all of a sudden, I’m being told that Joe Biden called Mateo Renzi, who was the former Prime Minister, prior to the collapse of the Government. He said ‘I need you take down Guiseppe Conte as the Prime Minister’. Within three weeks, Guisuppe Conte was down and Italy was in total chaos. That is proof that the intel intercepts that I was receiving were factual. Now, Conte, was not real happy about going down, but he was given millions of dollars, we were told, in a California bank. These are banking issues as well. There were movements of pallets of cash including the information that I supplied to Special Council John Durham. You are the first government agency that I am making this clear to everyone. John Durham is in possession of documents, from me, that include the moving pallets of cash by Barack Obama through the Dubai Embassy, our United States Government CIA agent was present, $400,000,000 were moved from there with the help of Italians and the Guardia di Finanza in Italy knows. And they supplied the names of the people in the room and now we need you to get your United States Senators and your Congressional Delegation. And I don’t care what party they are, and they need to work together, because stealing from the American family in Kansas is wrong. And they stole $400,000,000 and put it in the Merrill Lynch in Geneva, Switzerland. That is evidence that is sitting before us today.

The story gets worse and more horrifying for the citizens of Kansas and America.

33.25 mins So we knew that the plot was going to continue. They were going to try to kill Artur D’Elia. We knew they were chasing the Italians that were helping us. They have been threatened. They have been in car chases. They have had their car’s roll over and people injured. And there have been many Italians who have been murdered.

Five Government officials in March alone, were murdered, including an Ambassador. A brand new appointment to the cabinet was murdered the very day he was appointed.

33.57 mins So how does this effect Kansas? So you have to ask, ok, we have equipment. You have a document in your folder about the satellites. We know the laws aren’t be adhered to. You know Wisconsin is moving on theirs. Special Counsel Gableman is a fantastic human being. A Supreme Court Justice, retired from Wisconsin, who was leading the audit. And in his audit, oh and by the way did I mention that they have ES&S equipment? And did I mention, that when someone found out, when word got out that that I was coming to testify, I was supposed to be testifying in the House, immediately, ES&S was on my LinkedIn page checking me out. Ha, one might want to ask, what me and my team have been through for the past sixteen months, because trying to save this country and let the world know the truth has not been easy. We have had death threats in English and in Italian. We have had threats from many, including the placement of my home put online and we have people being chased to this day around the world.

35.06 mins So these machines that were used, there’s a lot of evidence that we have and I am willing to work day and night and continue this journey, if you put together a panel. I will be here in Kansas. I love South Florida. And I love warm weather. But I will be here every step of the way with you. I will be here to help to Kansas save America, because I believe you can. You are uniquely positioned. Arizona is moving fast. Their Attorney General is doing an amazing job. They are collecting the evidence and they are preparing for arrests as we speak.

They are preparing for arrests as we speak.

35.46 mins So everyone is going say, ‘well, gosh if we know the arrests are happening and we know that the audits are happening in some of these states and why is it not happening Kansas? They are going to be suspicious, like, 'did it happen in Kansas?' And that’s a great question. You have to know, what exactly happened? Well, we already heard testimony here in the Senate. We had many friends who were here that testified, that came in. Thad and the others. I was really impressed with the very young people who stepped up and started calling us. Asking for help. Our lawyers were helping them with their testimony and they came before you. They knew there were problems with the logs. They knew you had uncertified software. They knew there was no prevention of the code being attacked. We all know you don’t have the cyber experts to know if the code was enabling the attack. We also know that there were back doors in the machine. Justice Gableman’s report, and you will see it here in this document. Thirty-six entry points. Backdoors. Enabled in the code. And oh by the way, the machines have been used by both parties, so we can get over the partisanship stuff, because I have a feeling that everyone is going to in for a big surprise.

37.55 mins The investigations and audits. This is tough. You guys didn’t sign up for this. I didn’t sign up for this. But yet we all took this belief in our country and what we have of loving and caring for our fellow man, that we want to see what is right. You cannot convince me that all the Democrats are bad or all the Republicans are bad. Are there some bad actors? Yes. Everyone always jokes about lawyers.. well, there’s always great lawyers and there’s always a couple that might step out of bounds. That’s America. There’s some people that cheat on their taxes but it doesn’t mean everyone. We need to get back to civility and treating everyone in an honest and fair way.

38.37 mins So, the punishments piece we have to talk about, because you have situations like this. Was this intentional in Kansas? That is your Kansas ballot return envelope. In Palm Beach where I live, the envelope puts on the back your party! Think about that! If you’re a postal worker and you're really heated about this and you're not an honest person and you don’t want Republican votes going through. Ha, I don’t even have to open the envelope. They made it super easy, but in this case, this envelope. And what was scary was the school board race here in Kansas, that my team called me about, they were very upset and they said ‘she went to bed thinking she won, seeing the votes, then the next morning, they found some ballots and she lost, by something like thirty five votes. And that was the situation, they were going to get the absentee ballots and looking at them and the question, were there honest people? Were there video cameras? Removal of video camera equipment, of polling locations is absolutely absurd. We need in today’s world, the upmost level of security. We’ve forced law enforcement to wear it, because some of them go rogue. If law enforcement can go rogue, do you think average citizens go rogue? Some do. So this is an opportunity to look at where the pain points are, figure out the solutions.

40.04 mins So, here you go, Justice Gableman’s Wisconsin piece that effects Kansas. The machine’s were configured with thirty six wireless devices which represent an extreme and unnecessary vulnerability and which may be exploited to obtain to unauthorised access from external devices, networks and the internet. This is configured through firewall settings to allow any computer in the world to connect to the election management system’s server. Their servers were found at a Hyatt Hotel! You hear me? A Hyatt Hotel! In Green Bay, Wisconsin. Everybody should be freaking out. Now maybe you don’t what a server is and maybe you don’t understand the IT thing, but that is egregious. I think most Americans know and have every right to be angry. Because that is theft. That is illegal. That is corruption. Your code and probably your contracts with the vendors, prevent you from opening the machines. I met with the supervisor of elections in Cherokee County, Georgia and she said, ‘we ran a clean and free, fair election. And it’s a very Republican County. And I said, ‘how do you know?’ She goes, ‘oh, we checked everything’. I said, ‘oh, how about the code?’. ‘Oh, we’re not allowed to do that’. ‘Oh, so you are claiming you did a fair election, but you cannot tell me that every piece of it was accurate? When I met with legislatures, they called me in to work on the legislation, they said ‘what’s your number one thing that would do?’. I said, ‘the code. Because that’s were they are stealing the election.’ And so it’s easy to put in, to prevent the blocking and the reviewing of the code prior to the contract being signed.

41.52 mins So, in conclusion, and I’m ready to take and would really love your questions, Arizona is calling for you, in Kansas and all other States, to immediately rescind your electors. Why are they calling for you to rescind your electors? That is the magic question. They are calling on that, as they are already have the evidence. So your Kansas law enforcement and your Kansas Attorney General, your Kansas Governor, they need to go meet with the very people who are running this investigation. The Attorney Generals in other states are working hard and I am not aware and I apologise, but I do not know what is happening here? I cannot cover all the states and international as well. I can’t tell you what your Governor has said. I can’t tell you what your Attorney General has said. So, I am coming in here blind, but I will tell you, that anyone who made a statement in this process, that there was no election fraud, they need to be investigated immediately. I don’t care what party they are. I don’t care what position they hold. But, for anyone to make that conclusion before an investigation raises a huge red flag. Who told them to say that? Were they coerced? Were they threatened? Or worse, were they blackmailed?

43.13 mins In Georgia, we actually had a car explode with the boyfriend of the daughter of the Governor. Many people believe that was a threat to intimidate him. If that is occurring, law enforcement needs to get involved. ‘Oh, so law enforcement got involved?’ They sent a GBI Agent and he conducted the investigation and he was dead within a month! That’s what’s happening in America! So, when you look at the media, you also have to say, ‘something odd is happening with our media’ but not when you look at the donations. GNET and others have been accepting grants from the Gates Foundations and many others. Looking at the pathway of the Global Engagement Centre of the United States State Department and how social media has been conducting itself should shock everyone. The Global Engagement Centre links back to SCL and Alexander Nix. The psyops and mind control games are now permitted under US law under Barack Obama’s legislation and the congress who passed it enables American tax payer dollars to now be used, through these mechanisms to actually do disinformation campaigns within America. Our United States Government, and it is shameful, and that is another action item for your Congressional Delegation. And you have to ask about the media being owned by some of the billionaires and the role of the billionaires. Because, Michael Bloomberg owns Bloomberg MiX. When you look at Besos, he owns the Washington Post. And you should say, ‘Maria, do you ever hear from the Washington Post?’. ‘Yes, the Washington Post called me and wanted all my notes. ABC News, Jon Karl called me. He was writing a book. He said, ‘I just have one question for you?’. One! I was like. ‘Wow, one!’. Guess what he asked me? ‘Did you take a picture when you were at Mar-a-Largo?’. That’s your question? How despicable! How disgusting! That you call yourself a Journalist and I have all this evidence. How about you asking me about all the people running for their lives! How about asking me about how much pain and suffering these people have had trying to save America. How about all the hell Americans have been through. I have been in car chases. I have had people shooting. I have had death threats. I got cancelled by JP Morgan Chase. They cancelled my credit cards. They cancelled my bank accounts. They cancelled NIA, Nations in Action’s bank accounts and our credit cards and they cancelled Marjory, who assists me, her credit cards and her bank account. This is not coincidence. PayPal cancelled me. I had to move because they put my location online for people to come hunt me and kill me. I’ve had security and I’ve been extracted out of buildings. I might not make it much longer, so this is my way of telling the world, exactly what’s happening. And I will die for my Country and I hope everyone in this room will as well. Because, we owe it every Military person around the world who has sacrificed the same. And today, we are faced with that same challenge.

46.21 mins So, now, we have to ask, also, should under honest Politicians and honest parties, should the parties step up and do their job? Election fraud is in both party platforms but yet, both party platforms have been betrayed. Many people get in and the leadership controls everything in a State. I understand exactly how that happens. I have been there for caucus elections. I’ve been there, counting the ballots. I’ve seen elections jimmied. We all know it happens at all levels. Conversations we have behind the scenes, if I ever wrote a book, people would be shocked. But, we all know the truth. It’s the American public that don’t. They deserve to have the answers about what really happens and how decisions are made. So now we have the Kansas State elections. What is it that we can do to help you get the best legislation possible, to prevent this from happening? We will be supplying to you a checklist, that has about roughly forty six items, of how to make sure your statutes are congruent with pathways to cheat. With that Mr Chairman, I yield the floor to questions.

UPDATE | 23rd August 2022

See this supplementary intelligence report by the US research group, Marco Polo:

China And Italy Leonardo Doc
Download PDF • 2.55MB

Further Reading always, we should do our own research and decide for ourselves.

Use Discernment!


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