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Monkeypox: Breaking News [Updates]

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

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WHO to Declare Monkeypox a Health Emergency?

By Aurora Flynn | PG Cert Public Health

[Update: The WHO declared Monkeypox a a public health emergency of international concern on the 23rd of July 2022]

From the pandemic preparedness paper from the NTI: "National governments must adopt a “no-regrets” approach to pandemic response, taking anticipatory action - as opposed to reacting to mounting case counts and fatalities, which are lagging indicators.

⚠️ Simply put, national governments and their leaders must err on the side of taking early action

⚠️ Recognizing that situational awareness of pandemic threats lags behind on-the-ground reality, national leaders cannot wait for cases or fatalities to accumulate before responding

⚠️ If there is a significant chance that the outbreak could turn into a pandemic, national leaders should lean forward to scale up response efforts and capabilities"

NTI Paper (2021)

This paper is published by the Nuclear Threat Institute with support from Open Philanthropy, an organisation started by Dustin Moskovitz, the co-founder of Facebook. A Democrat and avid Hillary Clinton fan.

This scenario was written in November 2021 and accurately predicts a monkeypox outbreak in May 2022. How uncanny!

Actual Date Monkeypox Outbreak Reported? May 13th 2022

Technocracy expert, Patrick Wood writes, "[a]ccording to the NTI scenario, by June 5, 2022 it is discovered that a “genome sequencing of monkeypox patient samples reveal that the strain in [fictional country] Brinia contains mutations that make it resistant to existing vaccines.”

This revelation prompts “aggressive measures” such as “shutting down mass gatherings, imposing social-distancing measures, and implementing mask mandates.”

Sound familiar? It is immediately apparent that all of these so-called experts have learned nothing about the proven uselessness of all these policies and instead, amplify them as if they were the only way to “flatten the curve.”

More disturbing than any of the above, however, is a change in alerting policy of a new pandemic. In Finding 2, they recommend that “governments should improve preparedness by developing national-level pandemic response plans built upon a coherent system it ‘triggers’ that prompt anticipatory action on a ‘no-regrets’ basis.”

No regrets? Where did this phrase come from? Apparently from an exercise participant who said, “It will be chaotic and frightening, but you can’t wait until you have certainty. You have to act with no regrets.”

This insane policy means that governments should be prepared to order a lockdown even if they only have a suspicion that a pandemic might be brewing. That is, no concrete evidence is necessary. Such a policy would be triggered on a “no-regrets” basis if they are wrong and yet have caused great damage to their populations and businesses.

Triggered by whom? This part is abundantly clear. Their recommendations state “The WHO must establish a graded, transparent, international public-health alert system” and also “develop and institute national-level triggers for early, proactive pandemic response.”

Governments and their leaders “must err on the side of taking early action… leaders cannot wait for cases or fatalities to accumulate before responding. If there is a significant chance that the outbreak could turn into a pandemic, national leaders should lean forward to scale up response efforts and capabilities.” Significant chance?

In short, the WHO sets triggers based on hunches rather than evidence and then national governments are expected to act on those triggers to shut everything down just in case. They must throw all restraint and caution aside, pre-committed to having no regrets even if they make a huge mistake.

By the time the monkeypox scenario is over on December 1, 2023, they predict that there will be 3.2 billion cases of monkeypox and 271 million deaths. Of course, this is pure fiction, but will it be sufficient fear porn to drive governments into “no-regrets” lockdowns just in case? Apparently so in Belgium’s case, as it is the first country to introduce compulsory monkeypox quarantine: anyone testing positive must isolate for 21 days. Mandated mass testing is certain to follow as are renewed contact tracing operations." Source

Who Was at the NTI Table Top Exercise?

There are many moving pieces to this Monkeypox narrative. It behoves us to keep a birds eye picture. Articles and links will be curated below.

Graphics | Propaganda

Source The Express [UK] 26th May 2022

Source CNN 23rd July 2022 [Note: Case Fatality Rate 0f 3%-6%, yet no deaths have been reported] Mirror

Warning: The following photograph is graphic

Source: The Daily Mail. 17th August 2022. Man with HIV and Monkeypox

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BREAK STEP Beyond the MASS FORMATION: Monkeypox, the next pandemic? Dr Peter McCullough Professor & Mattas Desmet

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Chronological Links to the Latest Monkeypox News as it Happens

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WHO Director Reports 1,000+ cases of Monkeypox, Warns of ‘Community Transmission 8th June 2022

CDC Raises Travel Alert for Monkeypox 29th May 2022 Note: "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently revised its travel advisory from Level 1 to Level 2 due to the recent monkeypox outbreak around the world."

Monkeypox cases could be ‘peak of iceberg’: WHO 27th May 2022 Note: "She voiced hope that the spread could be halted. “We have a good window of opportunity to stop the transmission now,” she said. “If we put in place the right measures now, we probably can contain this easily.”"

The NHS Just Edited Their Monkeypox Page... To Make It Scarier 26th May 2022 Note: “To sum up, history is being re-written a little here. Before, monkeypox “did not spread easily between people”. Now it does. Before, monkeypox would “get better on its own without treatment”. Now it won’t.”

Monkeypox hell: Covid-like tracker being developed to monitor spread as 80 cases rock UK 26th May 2022 Note: This article is reporting that it is 'airborne"! "Monkeypox is a virus that is usually found in Central and Western Africa and can be transmitted by contact and droplet exposure via exhaled large droplets"

Johns Hopkins’ Dr. Amesh Adalja: Monkeypox ‘doesn’t have the biological characteristics’ to cause a pandemic 25th May 2022

UK detects another FOURTEEN monkeypox cases as tropical virus continues to sweep the world amid warning it may have evolved to spread easier among humans 24th May 2022

Scientific Papers

Guagliardo SAJ, et al. (2020). Asymptomatic Orthopoxvirus Circulation in Humans in the Wake of a Monkeypox Outbreak among Chimpanzees in Cameroon. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2020 Jan;102(1):206-212. doi: 10.4269/ajtmh.19-0467. PMID: 31769389; PMCID: PMC6947779.

Asymptomatic Monkeypox Paper
Download PDF • 370KB

Thornhill et al. (2022). Monkeypox Virus Infection in Humans across 16 Countries — April–June 2022. The Journal of New England. July 21, 2022. DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa2207323.

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Spain, Madrid, PCR tests for monkeypox underway. The number of monkeypox cases in Spain has risen to 96 positive tests and 40 suspected cases of the virus.

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