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Full Credit to Winter Oak [Abridged]

Edited by Aurora Flynn | PG Cert Public Health

[Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair use relied upon.]

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The tiny gang of criminals with all the money that power can buy, and all the power that money can provide, want to hold on to their full-spectrum world domination.

Historically, they have used a range of techniques to ensure that key people, particularly politicians and royalty, are safely under their control.

Bribery is one possibility and many unprincipled individuals are quite prepared to sell their soul if the price is right.

But what happens if they start getting too greedy or unreliable? How many gifts will it take to keep them on board for the long term?

The manipulators may choose instead to lend money to their target, gaining a legal hold on the debtor. This works for institutions, such as nation-states, as well as for individuals, by the way.

Even better is to combine the use of bribery and debts with blackmail. The target has simply to be lured into a trap, such as involvement in dubious sexual activity.

The criminals have evidence of this serious misdemeanour and the possibility of it becoming known will shut the victim up for the rest of his or her life.

As a last resort, of course, there is always violence and the implied threat of violence for anyone stepping out of line or spilling the beans. “Dead men don’t talk”, as gangsters like to say.

While the global manipulators have successfully used combinations from this bag of tricks for centuries, it is a time-consuming process.

Rather than ambushing each new individual who arrives in the corridors of power, wouldn’t it be easier to take control of the supply of these individuals?

When the criminal conspiracy already owns all the existing key players in positions of power, what could be simpler than to instruct them to appoint as their successors the next generation of remote-controlled agents?

These can be selected and prepared for their role well in advance through various programmes.

The most notorious of these is the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders project, whose origins have been traced back, by independent journalist Johnny Vedmore, to Henry Kissinger and the CIA.

But there is an abundance of grooming schemes with similar names: a quick internet search reveals a bewildering number of them in an ill-defined network which spreads out way beyond the official structures of the World Economic Forum and yet is somehow obviously part of the same vast and all-embracing über-entity.

Beneath a certain level, there must be millions of puppets who serve the worldwide crime syndicate without knowing what they are doing.

The control exercised from above passes through a number of layers, so that the entire reality is not readily visible from lower down.

Imagine someone who has for many years been involved in some kind of radical campaign group or political organisation. She imagines that she thinks and acts purely from her own sense of right and wrong, not noticing the way that she allows herself to be steered in certain directions by the organisation’s publications and activities.

She thinks that she is fighting for social justice, fairness, a better world for her children and grandchildren.

What she doesn’t know is that the person controlling this organisation (along with, probably, several of his lieutenants) works for the intelligence services.

This man is not motivated by the same ideals as the woman. He was placed in the organisation to monitor, control and manipulate it, according to the preferences of his employers.

His employers are the state. The man therefore imagines that he is acting in the interests of that state and indeed of the nation. His motivation, in his terms, is to protect the public of that nation, and its institutions, its democracy, its way of life, from the threat of subversion.

Like the woman, he thinks he is working for the common good.

What he doesn’t know is that his intelligence service and the state apparatus of which it is part (called “The Crown” in the UK) does not really work for the interests of the nation, however that is conceived.

It has, in fact, long been completely taken over by the tiny gang who operate the global racket that we term 'the system'.

He has not been manipulating the radical campaign group on behalf of the state to which he owes his allegiance, but on behalf of the criminals who use the vast resources of that state (and of other states and of various international institutions…) for their own purposes.

Thus, as well as using bribery, fear, blackmail and grooming to exert their complete control, these criminals also use the good motivations, the positive energy, of millions of unsuspecting people (in all sorts of realms quite different from our hypothetical example), deploying many layers of deceit to dupe them into following their agenda.

For this to work, it is important that the victims remain trapped within the illusion, that they still think they are on the side of good, whether conceived as social justice or national well-being.

But what happens if, through undue haste or panic, the puppet-masters neglect to take proper care of the way they conduct their manipulation?

What happens if they tug too violently at the strings, sending shivers of instability down through layer and layer of their structures of control?

What happens when the little people at the bottom look up in alarm and, far above, catch their first glimpse of the sinister hand that has been controlling their activities all along?

What happens if they don’t at all like what they see?

We may well be about to find out!

Source: Full Credit to Winter Oak

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