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The Networks that Created the Pandemic

Updated: May 2, 2022

Written in German by Thomas Röper & Translated via Google Translate

A short time ago, a video was published on YouTube, which is about the networks behind the pandemic. Since I have received many emails with tips on this, I now want to make it clear that I have known about these networks for several months, and that we are working on a book about them.

On the Youtube channel Langemann-Medien, a video was uploaded on September 22, which is currently causing a sensation, and as I write these lines (September 24), I already have 170,000 views. The video is about a document that over 169 pages provides an overview of the networks of NGOs, companies, universities, government agencies and international organizations that deal with Covid-19. The document was created by an IT specialist who wishes to remain anonymous. That's why I'll simply call him "Mr.X" in this article.

In the video, Mr.X explains how the various organizations are connected in a network and work together towards a common goal. He then primarily monitors cash flows, and proves who has paid money to whom, and at what time these money transfers have taken place.

Since I have received many e-mails with tips about it and the relevant document since the video was published, I want to say here for the first time that I have known Mr.X for several months. I also have a good knowledge of his work and above all the information and knowledge that it has led to. I want to explain here how we got to know each other, and what our collaborative project is about (Honestly, it is first and foremost he who works, my part of the work will be done later.) And I will explain what he does, how the work his is structured, and then I will through a current example show how explosive the information that we have now arrived at is.

You should also be patient and read the whole article - I can promise you it pays off!

I recommend you read this article first to get a better understanding - that's why I first link to the video at the end of the article. See it afterwards, you will then see why this order makes sense.

The document presented in the video can be downloaded [in English] here.

How I became acquainted with Mr.X

This spring, in a Tacheles program, I mentioned the NGO Open Philanthropy, which I thought seemed very interesting at the time, but about which I could hardly find any information. A few days later, I received an e-mail from a person who referred to the program, writing that he had information about the NGO, and asked if I was interested in this information. It was me.

Then he wrote to me that he is an IT specialist, and that at the beginning of the pandemic he was interested in the NGOs' role in the pandemic. He then relied on a network that is so large that he had to obtain special software to get an overview of the large amount of data.

The software retrieves information from NGOs' pages about who they work with, who they pay money to, and who has the leading roles. In addition, the software also uses Facebook and LinkedIn to determine if and to what extent the trading players have connections to each other. It is then not only registered who is friends with whom, but it is also examined how close the relationship is, as the number of given "Likes" or the number of events that both parties have visited, and so on, are analyzed.

The software thus retrieves the data directly from the original sources, they are not manipulated in any way. The data is then presented in Excel tables or by graphic illustrations, which is also necessary to get an overview when there are sometimes hundreds, even thousands, of connections.

When I was working a lot at the time with my book "Abhängig beschäftigt", which deals with NGOs and their power over politics in the West, I had plenty of material to check if I had been tricked by a scammer. We talked for five hours on Zoom, and he showed me his software. Then I tested him as I asked him to demonstrate to me how he would analyze the NGOs that I already had good knowledge of from working on my book.

The result was astonishing, because what I had elaborated on through meticulous research, the software showed me in seconds. I could thus state that I had found here a really interesting interlocutor who had access to very valuable information, because he had already created a database with thousands of connections between NGOs, government agencies, universities and companies, which play a key role and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our project

I was on fire and wanted to write a book immediately, and Mr.X was also excited about the idea. That was half a year ago. The problem is that there is so much information that so far we have not been able to compress it so much that you can fit it in a book.

An example makes it clear: The document that Mr.X presents in the video by Langemann-Medien is 169 pages long. It is basically already a book, and yet it is just an excerpt from the giant database. And the document consists almost exclusively of graphic illustrations and tables.

But in order to be able to write a book about this, one must not only formulate the information from the tables in words, but also explain what each of the NGOs 'and the other organizations' activities entail. One must explain who the people in question are. And only then can one in an understandable way explain to the reader who pays whom for what, how all these people and organizations are connected to each other, who is behind what initiatives, etc.

If one were to fit the 169-page document in an understandable book, the book would quickly be tens of thousands of pages.

In recent months, I have occasionally indicated that I am conducting an exciting investigation. Now you know what it's about. Mr.X and I have - carefully estimated - already sat for 20 hours or more in Zoom conversations and discussed how we can process this large amount of information and limit it to what is really important, so that the result is a readable and understandable book that does not has more than 500 pages.

The planned pandemic

From the data it can be seen that the pandemic has been planned since 2017, for the organizations that have dealt with a (then referred to as "possible") pandemic, the connections and cash flows between them, were started or developed from the year 2017. Also many of the NGOs in question were first founded in 2017 or later and have since spent large sums of money on them. Since something like this requires planning, we assume that the idea was already born in 2016.

All this could of course only have been coincidences if it were not also the case that the people who took an active part in these preparations, today are decision-makers who work behind the scenes and make decisions about coronary measures and vaccinations with mRNA vaccines as government advisers. And on top of that, for several years, these advisers have been closely associated with those who make money from mRNA vaccines, such as Pfizer and Pfizer's shareholders, to name the most well-known example.

There are people who have been involved in all this for years, and today they write decision documents for the German Council on Ethics, they hold leading positions in Germany's National Academy of Sciences, they advise the Robert Koch Institute, and so on. And this pattern is seen in every country in the West, especially clearly in the United States.

To be clear: Neither Mr.X nor I claim that the virus was created artificially. It's possible, but it's something you do not know. And it's not important either.

It is rather about the media and authorities using a virus to create fear, and that would also have been possible with an influenza virus. By repeating headlines about "Spanish Disease 2.0" for weeks in connection with a shutdown and many horror reports about congested hospitals, one could have created the same atmosphere that was created at the beginning of 2020, and which has been created until today.

Our thesis, which is supported by the data of Mr.X, is that this has been planned since 2017. Whether a virus has been artificially developed for this purpose, or whether one has simply chosen a virus, which is then presented as a new epidemic, is basically of secondary importance.

It sounds incredible, and at first I had trouble believing it myself, but since Mr.X has even now given me access to his software and database, everything I've seen has made my doubts go away. .

The software

Mr.X has gradually acquired a number of programs that he uses in his research. They are all legal and freely available programs that anyone - who has the necessary funds - can buy and use. Some of the programs are (probably less advanced versions of) programs used by secret services, and we can even be shown on a map who has their whereabouts where, and who lives in the same building.

Google Streetview also shows the building itself, which is especially exciting, when you see, for example, how several of the important NGOs, which officially have more employees, and would really need their own floors in company buildings, are located on the outskirts of a city in the United States in a small one-story house with only a few anonymous shops. These are obviously anonymous mailbox addresses, which, however, are included in transfers of millions.

The software has simply incredible application possibilities, and you get a creepy feeling when you think about what secret services (and also Google, Apple and Facebook) know about each and every one of us, because we have played a bit with it and entered data about people in the software, and be able to see movement patterns that are actually completely private. It is frightening what information is freely available online about each of us (and thus also about the people who are important in our research), when a software can combine information from different sources.

What the secret services, which also have access to information that is not available online, know about all of us, I dare not even think about.

For the sake of security, I repeat it: the software uses and displays only data that comes from the actors themselves. The data and information are thus all "real", they are all publicly available. There is thus no (possibly false) information, which someone has spread about others, or which can only be obtained illegally or from insiders.

One of the plans in the document: The network around the World Economic Forum.

The incredible power of networks

To give an example of how much power these NGOs and actors have, I will show a current example that has hardly been mentioned in the media (nor in the alternative media), but which Mr.X immediately noticed, as he follows the "right" NGOs.

On August 3, 2021, an open letter to the Biden administration was published. In this letter, the important NGOs, which - according to what we have come to - have planned a pandemic since 2017, made demands. We will now take a closer look at these requirements from 3 August 2021.

USEPCR Cover letter_FINAL_For Distribution
Download PDF • 274KB

Global summit on vaccinations

In the open letter, for example, one could read the following requirements:

"To hold a global summit at presidential level on vaccinations, ahead of the UN General Assembly in September, bringing together leading forces from the public and private sectors from around the world (…) and committing to take the necessary steps to close vaccine supply gaps and address financing and capacity gaps in vaccine distribution, delivery, and demand generation"

It took only six weeks before Biden complied with the request. In parallel with the UN General Assembly, President Biden is currently organizing a virtual summit with representatives from 100 countries, where the President announced just this. And he urged the other countries to follow the example of the United States, as die Tagesschau has reported.

Do you now understand what power these actors have, when all that is needed is for them to write an open letter to the president, and he will comply with their demands within six weeks?

Vaccinate 70% of the world's population

Furthermore, the open letter demanded:

"To get the heads of state and government of the world, before or during the summit, to commit themselves to achieving the goal of vaccinating 70% of the world's population by mid-2022."

Die Tagesschau reported in his article on Biden's vaccination summit:

“As an organizational framework, Biden introduced a transatlantic vaccination partnership. "Today we are launching a partnership between the EU and the US for a global vaccination offensive," he said, in order to work more closely together. The goal is to have vaccinated 70% of the world's population by September next year. "

Within six weeks, Biden (and also the EU) undertook to fully comply with the requirements set out in the letter.

The authors of the open letter

There were only two examples, but that should be enough to demonstrate the power of the authors of the open letter.

Those who have signed the open letter are for Mr.X (and eventually for me too) old acquaintances. I will again illustrate this with an example, and the example also shows the connections between companies and NGOs, and how the public should be led behind the light.

One of the signatories of the open letter is Scott Gottlieb. He has signed the letter as a "Fellow of the American Enterprise Institute" and is also described as a former senior employee of the FDA, i.e. the body that approves and monitors food and drugs in the United States.

This is the case with all those who have signed the letter, they have all signed as representatives of "concerned NGOs", who are only concerned with our health.

Then it is not possible to get any suspicion or to accuse them of having acted in self-interest. One must therefore rejoice that the President of the United States has complied with their demands so quickly.

The one who really wrote the letter

Let's dwell a little on Scott Gottlieb. What we do not get to know in the open letter (nor in the few reports about the case in the media), is that Scott Gottlieb also happens to be a board member of Pfizer. And all those who have signed the open letter have such conflicts of interest.

In plain text, this means that a board member of Pfizer writes to the President of the United States that he is so kind as to ensure that the whole world buys Pfizer vaccines, and that at least 70% of the world's population is vaccinated with them. And the President of the United States immediately fulfils this wish, and the EU also joins this plan with billions. It all took less than six weeks.

That, dear friends, is truly power!

And it is not the President of the United States who has this power, but Pfizer and the shareholders of this company. And they exercise this power through the NGOs that they fund and control.

The bill is what you pay, dear reader, because you pay the tax that finances these programs, and the profit ends up with Pfizer and in the pockets of this company's shareholders. By the way, one of these is a sympathetic benefactor named Bill Gates, who quite selflessly fights to vaccinate the whole world with mRNA vaccines from Pfizer.

Note: In the West, where it is supposedly the voters who have the power, it is the companies, in this case (simply put) Pfizer, that decide what to do. Pfizer writes a letter to the President of the United States, the President of the United States tells the EU what they have to do, and immediately the United States and the European Union release billions without a single national assembly - or electorate - being asked. This is how Western democracy really works. Those who have read my book "Abhängig beschäftigt" understand the full scope of what I explain in this section.

If you now ask yourself why the allegedly critical western media do not report on this, then you should know that Bill Gates alone in 2016 "gave" the leading media a total of 24 million dollars. Other NGOs do the same, so we are talking about many times that amount when we look at the sum of what the NGOs annually "give" to the media. Thus, the media is very well aware of what they have to report on, and what they should not mention, if they are to continue to be able to benefit from the cash flows from Mr Gates and his colleagues.

The most shocking survey of my life

This open letter to President Biden is just one of countless examples that Mr.X has found while working on this. He sends me almost weekly new, very clarifying examples that he finds in his research. And this line can be followed back to at least 2017, where it is always the same actors who make demands, arrange congresses, publish studies and so on, who - it is clear when you look at what has happened - have prepared the ground with the media and authorities for the pandemic that the same actors are making billions on today.

Mr.X and I are working to process this information so that I can present it in an understandable and clear way in a book. And of course, the reader can then check it with source information directly from the trading players. Whether it will succeed is still uncertain, because compressing the amount of information in such a way that on the one hand it is understandable, but on the other hand also shows the real scope of the networks, has for us now for almost half a year been a problem in line with the square of the circle.

Not long ago, we found a way to possibly do that, and Mr.X is currently trying to transfer the data to another program that can process the thousands of pieces of information in a way that we can benefit from. (I will not yet tell you what the program must be able to do or how the data must be processed in order for the plan we have arrived at to be implemented.)

Before I wrote this article, I asked Mr.X for permission, because I do not publish anything without asking permission from the source. That is also the reason why I have not previously published anything I know about all these things or written anything about the book project, the dataset or our work. After Mr.X now for the first time in an interview talked about what he has found out, we have come to the conclusion that it is time that we tell you about our project.

Behind the scenes, Mr.X has several times in recent months, helped me with articles when I have been looking to quickly find information about connections between NGOs or when, for example, it has been about Peter Daszak's role in the corona research in Wuhan, which was funded by Dr. Fauci. Details about this can be found here.

It's an example of how valuable his database is, because when Peter Daszak and his role in research in Wuhan became known in May, and I wrote about it for the first time in June, Mr.X could immediately give me a wealth of information about Daszak. Mr.X had paid special attention to Daszak as he is and has been an important part of the NGOs and events in question here, and thus plays an interesting role.

After this introduction, you should definitely hear what Mr.X himself on Langemann-Medien says about his work, and after this information, the video's explosive power and the 169-page document that Mr.X has published is probably also a lot easier to understand.

Download PDF • 20.65MB always, we should do our own research and decide for ourselves!


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