The Original Astronauts Who Allegedly Walked on The Moon in 1969 Don't Have Cancer. Why?

Food for Thought

I have recently been researching the alleged 1969 Apollo 11 moon landings, and it appears that the photographs and film footage may indeed be fake. Having watched the three and a half hour documentary, American Moon, I began to question the possibility of human tissue damage, especially during the passage of the Van Allen Radiation Belts, a dangerously high source of cosmic radiation. The astronauts were not aware of their existence apparently, even through they were 'discovered' 9 years earlier in 1958. These belts are considered so prohibitive to space travel that some 'scientists' suggest 'draining' the charge out of them! They appear to have no idea of the consequences of such reckless measures. Thus, if we are to believe that Neil Armstrong, who died aged 82 of surgery complications due to heart disease, Buzz Aldrin, currently aged 91 and Michael Collins, aged 92, whom, it is alleged, have passed through this dangerous radiation but show no signs of cancerous activity, then why the need to 'drain' the Van Allen Belts? A paper from the Lancet suggests that these galactic cosmic rays have implications for future space travel due to potential cancer risk.

Allegedly, Apollo 11 cleverly navigated the Van Allen Belts as the "flight trajectories bypassed the inner belts completely, passing through the thinner areas of the outer belts" so the astronauts "had low exposure in the Van Allen belts due to the short period of time spent flying through them". How anyone navigated through this soup of radiation using 60's technology is beyond me! - some of the telemetry and footage have now been conveniently lost, as also claimed by the BBC with their copy. I'm sceptical to say the least! However, blasting the VA Belts with a nuclear bomb... yes they actually did that, only worsened the radiation problem. A NASA document from 1972 is not concerned about radiation. What changed? always, we should do our own research and decide for ourselves!