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Editor's Note I do not have any affiliation with this organisation, but they may be a good option for UK care workers fighting to save their jobs.

WHY? – The Facts

Over 50,000 care workers from 11,300 care homes who do not wish to be ‘vaccinated’ are soon to be dismissed despite:

  • The regulation requiring care workers to be vaccinated being INVALID,

  • Employers BREACHING Workplace Health and Safety law for not performing vaccine risk assessments, and

  • The virus NOT being isolated prior to producing the ‘vaccines’.

WHAT? – The strategy is to pressure the CQC to abandon vaccinating care workers by flooding the CQC with enquiries from care home providers demanding assistance with formal grievances about:

  • The INVALID regulation to ‘vaccinate’,

  • The CRIMINAL OFFENCE of threatening dismissal for exercising the legal right to decline a vaccination,

  • Conducting risk assessments will conclude vaccines are UNSAFE for employees,

  • Conducting risk assessments will conclude staff shortages pose a RISK to the health and safety of residents, and

  • Fundamental to ordering vaccination is that the virus has been isolated to design the vaccine – so please provide the PROOF.


Care workers request a FORMAL GRIEVANCE meeting, Union representative ATTENDS the meeting WITH YOU, and explains that care home providers MUST question CQC or face criminal prosecution and paying compensation for unfair dismissal.

THE AIM – is for the CQC to crack under the pressure which will mean:

  • NO vaccination,

  • Workers KEEP their jobs, and

  • Employers don’t have to PAY compensation.


  1. If you are not already a member of Workers of England Union, then join via the WORKERS OF WALES portal because it is Workers of Wales that is organising the strategy. You need to have been a member for 3 months or simply pay 3 months membership (£29.85) when you join: or via Workers of England Union – Your Union – Your Voice (The £29.85 only applies if you need representation before your first direct debit payment has gone out)

  • Download and complete the Care Worker Grievance Letter template and post, email or hand the letter to your employer or manager, available from: and or click the link here.

  • Confirm you have sent the letter and joined the Union by typing in the subject box of an email GRIEVANCE LETTER followed by your membership number (eg GRIEVANCE LETTER EDD0000xxxx) and email a copy of your letter to Workers of Wales at: or Workers of England at:

  • Within 48 hours you will be contacted by a Union representative to explain the next steps.


There are approximately 11,300 care homes in the UK and an estimated 50,000 care workers that have declined the vaccination.

The MORE WORKERS that request a formal grievance the MORE PRESSURE we put the CQC under.

Just 1% of care workers would be 500 grievances against 4% of care homes,

And 5% of care workers would be 2,500 grievances against 20% of care homes.

HELP us to HELP you by making this strategy go VIRAL.


We estimate needing to deputise 50-250 Union Representatives to support care workers in their grievance meetings.

Deputy Union Reps will be provided with the training, materials, and support to help save jobs. Interested Deputies email Workers of Wales ASAP with your contact details and availability over the next 4 weeks, and in the subject box write DEPUTY UNION REP.


Let’s shine the light on the darkness


Workers of Wales Union


Just to remind our members and supporters, all membership applications are processed via the Workers of England Union, If you live in Wales or Scotland then your details will also be allocated to the Workers of Wales Union or Workers of Scotland Union accordingly as these are branches of the Workers of England Union.

All our branches are currently assisting members from all areas, if you have any queries please email always, we should do our own research and decide for ourselves!


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