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Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Full Credit to Susie Wood

"I first posted this piece on YouTube over a year ago as a simple explanation for another commentator of what I saw going on. I may not have had all the details spot on but I worked in banking for 18 years and I knew what a absolute mess the global financial system was in. The new info is BLACKROCK are the ones in control, remember which ex-chancellor went to work for them?

"The IMF/BIS has Boris by the balls. This is my assessment of the situation based on events and the single minded way in which the government are destroying the economy. The financial markets never recovered from the 2008 crash the cracks were just papered over with QE and nearly zero interest rates. The REPO market in the US is the method by which banks and financial institutions including many foreign banks, lend to each other. on 17th September 2019 the overnight rate shot up to 10% indicating that the banks thought that one or more of them was a credit risk. The Fed had to step in and start providing money to the market.

As time passed the amount needed grew and grew and commentators were waiting for the time when the Fed had to go to congress for another bail out which it was speculated would be declined. Well when Covid came along all of a sudden they had the excuse they wanted to inject the trillions needed to stop the global financial system collapsing. What's more they opened credit lines across the globe, including to the UK.

Head of Bank of England explained Britain nearly went bust in March:

20th March 2020 this:

23rd March 2020 | UK suddenly locked down when previously going for herd immunity

The leader of Belarus let the cat out of the bag, probably why they are trying to get rid of him. He told how the IMF would only lend them relief money if they went into a complete and immediate lock down.

The IMF, BIS (Bank of International Settlements) and the World Bank are running this show, all controlled by the elite who control the Fed through their holdings in the banks who own it. These are the same people as the WEF, so people who write that the WEF are a bunch of nutters with no power, have no idea, the central banks can enforce The Great Reset on countries by threatening to bankrupt them.
This is where we are now."

Susie is a commentator on the Jennifer Arcuri GB News interview, which I highly recommend viewing. Jennifer is Boris Johnson's former partner [2012-2016]. This interview from GB News is extremely illuminating and requires some reading between the lines. Read the comments section. Source

Hint | Read between the lines

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Update | 6th September 2021

"Central Bankers Are Criminals" Dr Marc Faber Warns "Once COVID Is Over, The Elites Will Go To War". Dr. Faber, who holds a PhD in economics. “What I think will happen, and most people have not really considered, we will get wage inflation... We will have rising prices and a depression in the standard of living of most people.” [read more] always, we should do our own research and decide for ourselves!


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