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Whistleblower's Horrific Hospital Experience

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Undertaker John O'Looney Speaks Out

Those of you who know of undertaker John O’Looney, may not know he was unwell a couple of months ago. Hospital staff had a good go at murdering him before he was rescued by former policeman Mark Sexton. If you think my words an exaggeration, please read of John’s horrific experience below.

Best wishes,

Dr Mike Yeadon PhD Ex Pfizer VP and Whistleblower


On 28 Feb 2022, at 07:32, John O'Looney wrote:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write with reference to your article reporting about my having covid and being an avid “anti vaxxer” – that’s totally not true, I've had every vaccine there is, what I have refused is a gene therapy and this is a gene therapy - NOT a vaccine.

I would suggest you consider perhaps finding out the facts and perhaps consider reporting the truth before writing and publishing disinformation and untrue accounts and stories – perhaps consider speaking to me at my funeral home and in turn I will film the interview to give a fair and balanced account of what actually took place?

Let me tell you the facts - so that you can perhaps print the truth.

I fell ill just before Christmas and an ambulance was called because I was struggling for breath, almost immediately the paramedic began berating me and insulting me for refusing to take an untested gene therapy, an injection I see first hand is maiming and killing people.

I was continually insulted and berated by someone who was supposed to be taking care of me – someone whose wages I pay as a tax payer.

Her behaviour was disgusting frankly and bordered sadistic, she certainly should not be caring for patients.

We arrived at hospital

I was given three lateral flow tests in the hospital in triage and all three were negative and I lay in triage watching the nurse put these tests into the machine – all three were negative, she told me so.

My wife was also poorly but stayed at home and took three tests at home brought to her by her sister and again all three tests were negative – so is this a totally flawed testing system (that life and death decisions are being made on) or perhaps was it not covid?

I was still however placed on a covid ward.

The following morning a consultant stood by my bed and announced he was starting me on Remdesivir, which I refused.

He demanded to know why and I told him the history of it, how it damages the kidneys and liver and how that would lead to my death as it did in 53% of Ebola patients in Africa when Fauci used it there – those are the facts, it is an extremely toxic drug and I have CC’d several doctors and a professor who will concur this to be fact.

I was told I would die without it, I still refused it because I saw first hand what was happening to patients who took it - they were deteriorating before my eyes.

I suggested to this consultant we look quickly at the side effects of Remdesivir before giving it to me and the consultant immediately stomped off, never coming back to me again – hardly a professional and clearly uncomfortable talking about the facts – because he knew I was right.

Why are patients being offered Remdesivir as a “treatment” and why in turn are kidney and liver failure two supposed symptoms of covid, and if that IS genuinely the case why would any sensible human clinician give sufferers Remdesivir then?

He could not engage with me because he knew I was right, he had no argument or reason and simply stomped off like a child.

Later that same afternoon I had a visit to my bedside from an Oxford university representative, a young blonde lady, who tried to pursue me to take another two very dangerous drugs.

One was Baricitnib, which is actually used to treat chronic arthritis and the second was Tocilizumab.

She made me feel very uncomfortable because at no point during our ten minute conversation did she once look me in the eye, she looked very uncomfortable and almost guilty………

Again I asked her about side effects and she said “none she was aware of”… So I had a look into it mainly because she could not look me in the eye even once in ten minutes.

So lets have a look at the well documented and recognised side effects of these three drugs I was offered by this “helpful” lady from Oxford university who couldn’t look me in the eye as she tried to get me to sign a waiver and take these drugs.

The drugs she told me I would die without having.

Please note the “chest tightness” and “trouble breathing” and the “yellow eyes and skin”

This is probably due to the liver and kidneys failing.

Please note the “difficulty breathing” - ask yourself why on earth any right minded person would offer these drugs to a covid patient who has difficulty breathing?

What is the likely outcome as the kidneys and liver are assaulted by Remdesivir do you think?

Please note the “difficulty breathing” as well as the plethora of other frankly terrible side effects and again try asking yourself why a normal well balanced person who is supposed to be CARING for a covid patient who cannot breath would offer these drugs to them?

Now the two patients opposite me in my ward room took these drugs (because they did not know the facts) and I watched them get worse and worse, I know they took them because I asked them both – they will no doubt have died and no doubt from “covid”.

One of them was being fed morphine throughout the night as well, I do wonder how that “helps” a respiratory patient with their breathing? – it doesn’t.

It was pretty clear to me I had to get out of that ward and out of that hospital because I felt the clinical decisions being made were not going to help me and would in fact lead to my death if I had allowed them to inject these poisons into me.

I decided to leave the hospital.

My battle to discharge myself

I attempted to discharge myself and then embarked on a three hour standoff with the staff who refused to allow me to leave – breaking the law.

They restrained me from leaving despite me being perfectly capable and mentally capable of making my owns decisions – this is against the law.

They even called security who advised me they would call the police if I left to have me re arrested…..

I asked them what are you talking about and why would I be “re arrested”, this is a hospital and not a prison ? They slunk away sharp and didn’t return because they knew I knew my rights.

I spoke to more staff in those three hours than I did the whole three days I was there – suddenly every member of staff was “interested” in me and trying to pursued me to stay – for “treatment” of the above mentioned drugs, drugs that would clearly not help me at all and would probably have killed me.

I even had one consultant a Mr Daripally call my wife to try and convince her to allow them to keep me in the hospital – my son recorded the telephone conversation and Mr Daripally actually tells my wife I will die within minutes of leaving the ward if I leave in a last ditch desperate attempt to intimidate her and to keep me in the hospital.

I am convinced I'd have died in that hospital of “covid” if he had managed to convince my wife to keep me in there.

I had no oxygen from the moment I left the hospital – because I didn’t need it and I have recovered fully without any of the drugs listed above I was pressured to take.

I have written a long and very detailed email to the hospital patient liaison service with my concerns – needless to say no one has replied to these concerns and no doubt the same “treatment” is being offered……. It's frankly appalling.

Things I did whilst in the hospital

Now I spoke to every patient I could in that hospital whilst I was there – personally – at least 20 of them in total whilst being scanned and in triage and on the ward, I also spoke to staff members who agreed with me and are very worried.

I asked them all if they had been “vaccinated” and ALL of them said yes, I never spoke to a single patient who was unvaccinated, I was the ONLY one, so I have to ask you , why do you tell the exact polar opposite story?

Telling the public the hospitals are full of the unvaccinated , when it simply is not true. Why are you openly lying?

I also had some very interesting conversations with hospital staff who actually sought me out to speak to me and came to my bedside as well to speak, they told me I was totally right, not to take the drug’s offered and actually asked me to “save” them because they were desperately trying to save patients from clinical decisions being made that could see were killing them.

One nurse told me she actually goes into work to try and minimise the damage being done by these “treatments” and I have no reason to lie.

How do you feel knowing that and yet still trying to assassinate my character and drag me into your covid hysteria?

In fact when Mark Sexton came to collect me he was spoken to by a nurse in the lift going up into the hospital and she said the same thing, she knew who he was and she begged him to “save them”.

This isn’t a chat about the weather, this is NHS staff seeing what I see and being desperately frightened by what they see is happening as well.

Now even as well orchestrated media, do you not ask yourself why 80 thousand NHS workers who are in the middle of the “deadly pandemic” on the coal face and see first hand exactly what is happening would rather lose their careers than take the “Vaccine”?

Why do you think that is?

It is because they know, they speak to these people first hand as they are dying and they are well aware of the damage it is causing.

Have you not asked yourselves why 300+ FIFA registered players and coaches have fallen this season alone with heart issues? Many on live TV.

Again a 500% increase on usual numbers – why is that? We both know.

I spoke to one hospital mortuary manage called Nick recently and he tells me he has seen a 600% increase in thrombosis deaths since the rollout of these poisons began – the same thing I am seeing in my funeral home.

This man had been in the NHS for nearly 25 years and was due to lose his job because he would not allow the poison into him – this is a man handling deceased personally, many of whom are labelled as covid deaths.

Why do you think he would rather lose his job than take this poison? Because he knows the truth.

So please don’t label me as an anti vaxxer and perhaps consider printing truths.

Now we all know you will only print the stories you are allowed to print and in the manner you choose to print them and I sympathise with you to a degree, but your action is costing lives and that makes you directly complicit in these deaths.

I don’t particularly care what you do, I’m beyond caring frankly as you’ve chosen your side of the fence and history will remember you for it.

But rather then attempt to enrol me in your covid lies to push the hysteria and discredit the truth perhaps try speaking to me in person, you'll then see that despite me being ill it changes nothing.

Again I would invite one of your reporters to come to the funeral home to interview me for an account of this story, I will film the interview and if your genuinely after the truth I will give it to you freely.

But we both know I wont be seeing you any time soon don’t we.

I have CC’d in some credible eminent experts to witness as you guys cannot be trusted. I will also publish this email and your reply (not that I will get one).

Regards and thanks,

John O’Looney

Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services

12 Whitehorse Drive

Emerson Valley

Milton Keynes


01908 505570

If you are not familiar with Mr O'Looney, he is the Whistleblower Undertaker from Milton Keynes in England.

Further Reading always, we should do our own research and decide for ourselves!

Use Discernment!


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