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About Us

We are dedicated to providing educational material in reaction to the bizarre times we find ourselves in. It appears that creeping policy change over the last few decades has lead to today's series of highly politicised, knee jerk reactions that rely on technocratic dogma over traditional evidence-based rationalities.


Many people are left wondering about medical provision as healthcare systems are essentially suspended for the majority of all health issues requiring medical assistance. 

Natural health and immunity are vital aspects of good health which have sadly been completely suppressed by technocratic bodies wishing to dominate the health field both globally and at a local level.

Therefore, small sites such as this are popping up everywhere, with aim to help share information as it becomes available both in response to Covid and other politically motivated, health-related threats to natural health and civil liberties.

The Site

NEW RESOURCE | FAMILY FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE FORM FOR COVID-19 INJECTIONS [PDF] "This form is provided to facilitate effective family due diligence, communication, and planning. It is essential that each person and each family take responsibility to identify and access the information they believe to be most relevant to their situation and decisions, and take responsibility to assess and manage their individual and collective risk as they believe best." Many thanks to Catherin Austin Fitts at the Solari Report. Also watch her excellent analysis of the banking crisis.


There is so much development in the news surrounding this situation and it is being CENSORED everywhere. If you haven't joined Telegram, yet, we urge you to do so. What you are not being allowed to see is criminal. Follow our Telegram channel for uncensored news, as it unfolds.

All the latest songs from the front lines.

If any data or information is inaccurate please email me as I never knowingly reproduce propaganda or misinformation. 
Contact always, we should do our own research and decide for ourselves!

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