Contemporary Classics in the Great Covid Debate

These highlighted videos and texts are the very best in a sea of geopolitical intelligence.

Catherine Austin Fitts & Professor Karel van Wolferen

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Geopolitics, Russia, Ukraine, NATO, EU and Putin’s Shock Chess Moves on Davos 

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Catherine Austin Fitts Former US Secretary of Housing and Investment Banker. CEO of the Solari Report

Professor Karel van Wolferen A Dutch journalist, writer and professor, who is particularly recognised for his knowledge of Japanese politics, economics, history and culture

Globalism in the new Multipolar World - What Next for the West?

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Making Sense... Globalism in a new Multipolar world. What shifts in the global power architecture mean for Globalism 1.0 projects Digital ID's, CBDCS, WHO Treaty etc.

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Catherine Austin Fitts
Shabnam Palesa Mohamed
Matthew Ehret
Melissa Ciummei