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This is about Politics not Health | We are at War

 Narrative Wars: The Great Awakening vs The Great Reset

by Aurora Freeman

[Click on the links for sources - Most informative in red]

Update | 9th October 2021

There is no doubt that we are in the depths of a 5th generation irregular warfare situation. There are two distinct aspects driving the illogical and deceptive Covid narrative. The first is fully set out below and the second is the 'Great Reset', the tyrannical & Communist policies implemented throughout Europe, the Western world, and anywhere else they can. I am writing more on this second and much more disturbing and deeply complex aspect of the Covid agenda, but please also see the resources section for information on the Great Reset. Essentially, we are living through the greatest power struggle humanity has ever faced. See 'This has always been a financial crisis being covered up as a health crisis'. Also a must read is FASCIST SMEARS: WHAT THEY TELL US, an excellent article by Paul Cudenec.

After full immersion into the 'facts' about the alleged Covid 'pandemic', I came to the conclusion that there is no dangerous pandemic. Remember in March, the government downgraded SARS-COV2 and is now, no longer, considered a high consequence infectious disease (HCID). Is there is a virus? There are always viruses. We contain 380 trillion viruses. It is highly likely that it was synthesized in a lab. It has been proven time and again [see resources] that this virus is no more harmful than the flu, however, the Government have manufactured a false 'Covid pandemic' narrative which has been completely weaponized against the people of the world by corrupt Governments working with wealthy bankers, businessmen and media conglomerates. Modern humans are unhealthier today than at any other time, with an all time greater dependency on so-called 'health-care' including medications and surgeries. Natural health and remedies have been systematically quashed over time and a trans-humanist ideology is now the dominant framework. Have Governments advised people how to improve their immune systems during this time? Why have well established and safe medications such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin been removed from Doctor's arsenals?


The architecture behind Covid, is a global power struggle against the largest anti-corruption operation in history, a growing population, a failing economic system and some nefarious power brokers with personal agendas. It's incredibly complex and we have been building up a picture of reality based on daily crumbs of new information and intelligence work. There is a sea of information out there, and locating the truth amongst propaganda, disinformation and misinformation is a full time job and that is what I endeavour to do. It is what is called Open Source Intelligence Analysis (OSINT).

Many of us may have already realised that this 'pandemic' is not about a virus. Overreaction and disproportionate responses to a virus, with a 99.99% recovery rate, which when this plays out, will likely prove less deadly than that. There has been much data manipulation and fraudulent reporting going on world wide. There are swathes of research and analysis of this all over the internet [see the Resources page].


So if it's not about the virus, what is it about?

Sources report that there has been a global coup to overthrow Democracy in the United States of America. President Trump has been working with Military Intelligence (MI) these past four years to build a case against the global elites in power, who have been committing heinous crimes without any accountability. It is alleged, that the recent US election was the largest fraudulent election in America's history and is in fact a military sting operation of epic proportions. Some arrests have already been made and evidence submitted and ratified by the Supreme Court, sources say. Many more arrests are to come.

Why haven't I heard about this and have instead, been led to believe that Donald Trump is not a good President?

President Trump is considered by many to the best President since JFK, in fact, he is considered by most of his supporters to be the greatest President in US history. Only due to the collaboration of his team of exceptional people, military support and loyal supporter base, have they been able to conduct such a large scale military operation, against all the odds. It really is a story of David and Goliath. Our Governments are attempting to implement the Great Reset, whilst Trump's America is resisting with the Great Awakening. Please research the Great Reset as it is chilling to the core. A good introduction is found here, but go to the WEF website and see its vast network of plans for humanity. 

The media, as you may know, is owned by a few, extremely wealthy and influential group of people, who have been ruling the world for time immemorial. Although President. Trump is a Republican, he is not affiliated with the corrupt Grand Old Party (GOP) Republicans who have more in common with corrupt Democrats. He and his supporters, are in essence, a stand alone party representing the people. "We the People..." is a major slogan of theirs, as it represents the constitution which was written in protection of the people from oligarchs and tyrannical Governments. Team Trump represents ordinary American people and is attempting to overthrow the corruption and ever evolving grip of cronyism, nepotism and nefarious dealings. If you think the lockdown restrictions are bad now, wait until they use bio technology and even greater surveillance to prohibit freedom of movement and autonomy. Many small traders and businesses have been forced to close permanently due to Orwellian lockdown restrictions. Trump represents those people who believe in freedom via entrepreneurialism, hard work and equality of opportunity. I highly recommend this video of one of Trump's greatest speeches [also see his 2017 Inauguration speech]. The Best is Yet to Come is a close second. His patriotic, anti-global address at the UN General Assembly is a personal favourite of mine, for it demonstrates the underlying reason many powerful people want to oust him. Have you ever wondered about the outlandish bias in the media against him?

If you have been relying on MSM for your information, you may not have seen the huge civil unrest and protests around the globe against the authoritarian and draconian responses to Chinese Communist Party (CCP) style lockdowns, arrests  and mask wearing. The World Health Organisation (WHO) actually praised their response. This is part of Operation Lockstep, a chilling blueprint for humanity written by the Rockefeller Foundation.

The Globalists have great concerns about controlling an ever increasing population and are hedging their bets on bio technology and transhumanism. They have pushed medical interventions into the fore via corruption and fraudulent methods for many years. Glaxo Smith Kline paid $3 Billion in fines for just one of the many fraudulent activities these corporate giants are engaged in. Bonito Mussolini is claimed to have said “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”. This is similar to today's situation, where groups of global 'leaders' such as the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and NATO inter alia, have come together to 'reset' the Western world. Investment banker Catherine Austin Fitts, alludes a little to the role of government, military and banking cooperation for this new ideological system, focusing on greater control and more authoritarian governance. Mainstream media, owned by the globalists pushing this agenda, have been spreading propaganda, lies and smear campaigns to further their own interests for years. President Trump has felt the full force of this propaganda regime. He has been vilified, smeared, taken out of context. His speeches have been "selectively edited" and he has been misquoted and misunderstood. He has also said some cryptic things that have baffled and incensed the MSM - see the COVFEFE Act or typos as references to tripcodes or other important intel.


He actually comes across as a charming, funny and clever man, but they would never let you see him like that. His humanizing Tweets were removed in seconds and finally his Twitter account deleted. We are in the eye of the storm as we await the presentation of the culmination of four years of military intelligence gathering. Evidence has been amassed and a huge number of arrests will be made. I am writing this now, as this will shock so many people to the core. A little heads up can help us comprehend what we have been living through.


"The worst things in history have happened when people stop thinking for themselves, especially when they allow themselves to be influenced by negative people. That's what gives rise to dictators. Avoid that at all costs. Stop it first on a personal level, and you will have contributed to world sanity as well as your own."

Donald J. Trump

"That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, -  That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."


The Declaration of Independence

q aBOUT.png

This video called 'The Plan to Save The World'  has been produced by MIQ [based on the US Department of Defence Law of War Manual,  see section 11.3, 11.4 & 11.6] to help us understand the scope and context of this huge military operation and how it has been designed to hopefully make our world a fairer and better place, especially for the children who, it is claimed, have been so cruelly treated during this time [this is to be exposed very soon apparently]. Trump supporters have been vilified, mocked and branded 'conspiracy theorists', but as the evidence suggests, this whole operation has been undertaken covertly over the last four years by US MI, Secret Services and the NSA. I urge you to watch this video, as it really sets the scene and will help us make sense of the huge allegations and arrests that will inevitable happen over the next few months. More videos for beginners are found here. The documentary The Plot Against the President gives some more insight into this narrative war. [See IRREGULAR WARFARE: Non-State Actors].

As more evidence surfaced after the election fraud investigations, arrests were made in Italy, at one of the world's largest defence contractors, Leonardo spA, resulting in the capture of individuals who have testified, with sworn affidavits, admitting to the manipulation of voter data fraud. This is, but a small part of the last phase of the operation. [23.9.21 UPDATE Maria Zack Report her investigations].

Communication to the people, has had to be a grassroots movement, where information has been disseminated and built from the ground up, in order to circumvent the mass censorship and surveillance of the mainstream media (MSM) giants [breaking the chains of group-think]. This is why we have not heard anything on the MSM news, as it is sadly not the truthful platform we hoped it would be. It is their belief, that this operation will have so much irrefutable evidence, that the world will have to take note and handle this information responsibly in order to quell mass civil unrest. Many people, in many countries, have learnt about the corruption at the heart of US and global politics, and fully support a more just and democratic governance. After all, if the majority of Americans voted for President Trump, then the election was indeed unlawfully stolen from them. That is not Democracy, but Totalitarianism.

Sadly, it appears that Britain's MI6 may have been involved in Italy's cyberattack on the US [the CIA, China, Iran and Pakistan are also implicated allegedly]. Ex-CIA Chief, Bradley Johnson speaks about this in more detail. This Italian - British collusion possibly explains the otherwise inexplicable Covid responses by both countries. It is suggested that this 'panic' was purposely implemented to subvert socially distanced in-person voting in favour of postal voting for the election. This enabled Dominion voting machines to be misused via multiple ballot entries, huge out-of-hours ballot dumps of counterfeit ballots behind closed doors and a covert WiFi connection installed locally. It was this WiFi connection that was used to manipulate voting figures via Frankfurt and Leonardo's encrypted military satellites and back into the Dominion voting machines. It is reported that they underestimated the quantity of votes Trump would receive, thus crashing their servers. This is why all voting was stopped by them during the night, whilst they then had to recalculate their algorithms to ensure the correct voter ratios. This is the graph that got me a three day ban on Twitter.

Biden Graph Wisconsin 20.jpg

As they say, “If you’re not catching flak, you’re not over the target”. Twitter has a vested interest in ensuring a Biden win, due to Trump's stance on anti-trust laws and section 230. In fact, all big tech companies are concerned about Trump's pro-privacy, pro-liberty policies. A Trump administration threatens many powerful people, organisations and rogue elements both in America and globally, who are thought to have collaborated to subvert Democratic processes, in response to what is claimed to be the largest people's movement in US history.

If this information proves to be true, and sufficient evidence supplied, there will be a substantial number of prosecutions involved. Nations In Action, a government transparency organization, who with the Institute of Good Governance, were

commissioned to investigate and research election irregularities. They allege that ex-president Obama himself can be directly tied to financing this operation. A senior official linked to Leonardo, the UN and NATO is also thought to be involved. If this is the case, then a conspiracy of this magnitude will not be brushed under the carpet.


Politics is a dirty business at the best of times, but this election has been particularly murky. It's geo-political nature obfuscates and confuses the best of us, and the allegations involved are shocking to the core. So upsetting in fact, that this method of exposing the these crimes, had to be handled delicately and irrefutably. A civil war must be avoided at all costs. This is an excellent short video explaining the Covid Coup d'état

Whilst this only scratches the surface of what may come to pass, and possibly explain the unimaginable tyranny we are now facing, I strongly believe, that a lawfully elected Trump administration could see our British government withdraw its Orwellian stance to liberty and autonomy. If Team Trump is not successful, I fear the very worst, that although restrictions will be somewhat lifted, civil liberties will be permanently curtailed, it will end democracy as we know it, if indeed we ever had it. Election processes will be under greater scrutiny going forward. 

As with all government, which I see as a necessary evil given our growing population, malevolent leaders can ultimately prove to be tyrannical dictators and there is no guarantee that Trump is completely benign, but democratic processes are designed to ensure power stays with the people. This is what Trump is fighting for, a transparent and fair democratic system. Democracy, freedom and transparency must always be fought for. I however, do not support America's use of the death penalty. I find it abhorrent for a civilised society and with Trump's recent reinstating of 'death by firing squad', I worry about the multiple prosecutions for high treason. Perhaps it will be used as motivation for confession and cooperation, and offenders instead will be given life sentences. It's all very murky and unsavoury, but that's politics as we historically know it. Like a phoenix from the ashes, perhaps we shall forge a new breed of politics from this battle for democracy, with Trump leading the way to a system of good governance we can all hope to follow.

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The Plot Against the President Documentary

As always, please do your own research, form your own opinion. News and analysis from alternative media sites [see Independent News & Investigative Journalism on the Resources page] are a good alternative to biased main stream news. It is always difficult to ascertain the truth, but once you can debunk the Covid narrative and satisfy yourself that the registered deaths for 2020 are no worse than have been reported many times over the last decade, that the people arrested for filming empty hospitals or sacked from the NHS for whistleblowing are all indications of a falsified pandemic, then you will be able to see that a Government that can act in this way to its own people, is not one worthy of your trust and respect. There will be a day in the not too distant future, where we will be asked to rise up and demand the truth, justice and our freedom from these corrupt politicians. I will be there on that day, I hope you will too. 

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