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Plan B was ALWAYS Their Plan A

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

England’s chief medical officer claimed this winter will be 'exceptionally difficult' for the NHS

By Aurora Freeman | BA (Hons) | PG Cert Public Health | Qualified Health Advocate

Is the Daily Mail RAMPING up the figures in anticipation of a Plan B narrative?

The 15th of October article states "infections have not been as high since the country began to recover from the darkest days of the second wave in mid-January, when more than 1 million people were thought to be carrying the virus."

Checking the UK Government's own figures tells a different story. July had a significant number of alleged cases and figures have not dropped to previously low levels as seen earlier in the summer.

The article then sets the scene for increased cases leading to NHS overwhelm.

  • Brits could be required to show Covid vaccine passports at venues under Boris Johnson's Covid 'Plan B'.

  • Ministers dramatically ditched plans to adopt certification rules for nightclubs and other major venues following a huge Tory outcry earlier this month.

  • But in unveiling his winter plan to fight off another surge in infections, Boris Johnson admitted restrictions such as vaccine passports would be 'kept in reserve'.

  • Now the Government has confirmed passports will still form part of its 'Plan B'.

  • Vaccine certificates will be required for people attending nightclubs, music venues, festivals and sports grounds, in the event of a fourth wave overwhelming the NHS.

  • Plan A — the country's first line of defence — banks on dishing out booster vaccines to protect the vulnerable and jabbing children.

  • Plan B — which ministers hope will be enough to stop the country from succumbing to another full-blown lockdown — also includes re-enforcing face masks indoors and work from home guidance. Source

An article written on the 17th of October warns that the 'Booster Uptake' is too slow. As stated above, Plan A "banks on dishing out booster vaccines to protect the vulnerable and jabbing children".

As this shows, there is a narrative being written that is not based on fact, even the fraudulent Covid test 'facts' that have been intentionally fabricated as the backbone of the Covid narrative. See the Corona Investigative Committee for information on the legal case against these tests. The article goes on to say:

"The uptake of Covid booster jabs may be too slow to prevent hospitals from becoming overcrowded this winter, experts have warned as cases soar by 30 per cent.

One month into the booster programme, only half of eligible over-80s have received a third dose, despite being at heightened risk, NHS figures suggest. Of the 2.2 million who had a second jab more than six months ago, fewer than 1.2 million have had the booster...

...However, at the present rate of 175,000 a day, some in their early 50s may not have boosters until mid-February – about eight months after most were double-jabbed." Source

Remember the UK has ordered 442,000,000 doses of the 'vaccines'. Boosters are a top priority!

Professor Whitty suggested Britain could be in a worse situation by Christmas.

He said: 'I wish I could claim the sunlit uplands and it'll all be fantastic by Christmas but, sadly, I'm afraid that's not the case.'

Which booster vaccine will I get?

The JCVI has recommended the Pfizer vaccine as its preferred option, regardless of what you received for doses one and two.

A half dose of Moderna may also be used as a booster but the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine will be used only if patients are allergic to the others." Source

Do you really want a Pfizer booster?

Israel is exclusively a "Pfizer laboratory" and are now rolling out their fourth booster shot. Deaths rose greatly after the third.

My prediction?

Cases rise into the flu season. This year sees the UK's largest flu vaccine drive in medical history. What will this do to immunity? Antibody Dependency Enhancement?

Hospitalizations will become 'unsustainable'. Plan B will be initiated. 'Vaccine Passports', social chaos, food and fuel shortages and likely another lockdown. No 'sunlit uplands' then?

19th October 2021 | Update

The Fearmongering, Coercion and Threats Continue

  1. Fear Mongering | "No10 today said it was 'keeping a very close eye' on AY.4.2 but insisted there is 'no evidence' that it spreads easier. Boris Johnson's official spokesperson also warned the Government 'won't hesitate to take action if necessary'.

  2. Coercion | SAGE fears there will be a fourth wave by the end of the year that may cripple the NHS... But experts have warned the top-up jabs are being dished out too slowly, with 5million vulnerable adults eligible for a third dose yet to receive one.

  3. Threats | Influential Government adviser Professor Neil Ferguson, an epidemiologist at Imperial College London, today insisted it was 'critical we accelerate' the booster drive to give ourselves the best chance of avoiding having to bring back curbs." Source always, we should do our own research and decide for ourselves!


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