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Action of the Unruly Six

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

by Aurora Flynn BA (Hons), PG Cert Public Health

The crazy times of 2020 continue sadly, and we've been working hard to get our voices heard. Scientists, academics, independent journalists and normal citizens have been arrested, fined, detained and physically attacked by police. Virologists, epidemiologists, doctors and nurses have been silenced and some have lost their jobs due to their courageous acts of speaking out against the narrative. Censorship of almost all social media sites has meant that challenge to the tyranny of Covid19 policy is weak, as many people remain ignorant of the science and data which is being obfuscated, whilst the Behavioural Insights and Scientific Pandemic Influenza group on Behaviour (SPI-B) teams work with the Cabinet Office to provide "advice on how to ‘help’ people to adhere to the interventions which government demands". They write “a substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened... the perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging”.

I spent a year at Leeds Beckett University studying Health Promotion in Public Health (PG Cert) and we concluded that this type of behaviour change is completely unethical as it is highly coercive and ultimately encourages dis-empowerment and creates dependency. The science of Covid19 does not support the draconian measures waged upon us - here is an open letter, kindly written by Ivor Cummins, author and health expert, which is well worth a read. I have been sending it far and wide to MPs, teachers etc. I encourage you to do the same, if you too feel that the Government's disproportionate measures are doing more harm than good. The recently touted figure of £100bn to be wasted on testing makes me weep - this is downright immoral, corrupt and fiscally suicidal - clearly Johnson has found Corbyn's 'Magic Money' Tree!

I am now finding Covid-related jobs posted with 12 month contracts and the constant threat from Matt Hancock for a second lockdown and curfews, should rouse us all from our apathy and into action. This isn't going to go away over night and with 15 million now on 'hidden waiting lists', tragically suicide rates are through the roof, including children, and many families have been thrown into poverty due to job losses; I hope we can all start doing something to oppose the single-minded fascism of the UK Government. I enclose a rather pragmatic approach that we all can benefit from former NHS consultant clinical psychologist, writer, trainer and author of Tales from the Madhouse, Dr Gary Sidley:

--> (If you are much older, shielding due to poor health or just generally fearful of what you have been told, I highly recommend you read the Pentagon study of Flu vaccines and corona viruses and my response to the Letter to the Editor, the original study can be found here - more on vaccines on my 'Resources' page).


The Unruly Six - an antidote to the Government's latest assault on our basic freedoms

Today – the 14th September 2020 – the Government imposed the ‘rule of six’, the latest diktat in its escalating assault upon our basic freedoms. As of now, social gatherings in England of more than six people – indoor and outdoor – are prohibited, and police will be able to disperse larger gatherings and fine the wrongdoers £100 (doubling up to a maximum of £3200 for repeat offenders). The only way to halt the Government’s totalitarian bandwagon is for UK citizens to resist, and refuse to comply.

So instead of Boris’s ‘rule of six’, I offer six ways we can all fight against our country's creeping descent into a fascist state: THE UNRULY SIX.

1. Continue to socialise with family and friends

Ignore the fatuous ‘rule of six’ and live a life that is commensurate with a free and civilised society. Don’t behave recklessly: continue to do what we’ve done for over a century to manage the threat of respiratory viruses – i.e. wash our hands and isolate ourselves when ill – and keep some distance between you and the old and/or vulnerable IF they wish you to do so. But otherwise crack on with your lives; mass non-compliance with these petty, futile, life-restricting rules is the only way to halt this madness.

2. Attend the freedom rallies

We need to engage in visible protests to counter the Government’s systematic destruction of our basic human rights. One way of doing this is to attend a march or rally. Although they receive barely a mention on the mainstream media, such protests are happening across the United Kingdom (for example, the ‘We Do Not Consent’ rally in Trafalgar Square, London, on the 26th September, starting at 12 midday). Further information on this, and other protests, can be obtained from StandupX website and from here.

3. Take off your masks

There is no persuasive evidence that face coverings reduce viral transmission, but they do de-humanise, perpetuate fear & promote compliance with the Government’s diktats (see here). If you wear one, I urge you to bin it forthwith.

4. Write a letter of protest to your local MP

The draconian restrictions imposed on our lives, implemented under euphemistically titled ‘public health regulations’, have been implemented without parliamentary scrutiny. Indeed, the silence from our elected representatives, across all parties, has been shameful. A letter to your local MP, expressing anger and frustrations at their apathy, may help jolt them out of their stupors. To make the task easier, an example of a letter-to-MP template is provided here. [Or use Ivor Cummin's Letter - Change Exchange)

5. Share accurate, reassuring information about Covid-19

The mainstream media generally, and the BBC in particular, have acted as the Government’s propaganda arm throughout this coronavirus crisis, continually pumping fear and misinformation into our homes (see here). To counter this pernicious cocktail of doom-laden exaggeration and untruths, we all can do our bit by sharing accurate information about this novel coronavirus via blogs, Tweets, Facebook pages and other social media platforms. In addition, distributing pamphlets containing reassuring facts about Covid-19 would help to reduce the irrational fear that is currently paralysing our country – perhaps they could be covertly left in pubs, restaurants and other public places. (One source of leaflets is the ‘Stop New Normal’ website).

6. Speak out about the pervasive censorship

I, like other sceptics, have been privately contacted by people within a range of occupational groups who do not like what is happening but are wary of speaking out. There are undoubtedly many health professionals, teachers and police personnel who are feeling acutely uncomfortable in colluding with the Government’s coronavirus narrative, but fear censor and punishment from their employers if they express their concerns publicly. Whistleblowing requires courage, but could be one of the most powerful ways to prevent the UK’s spiral into the China of the west. I am not a rebellious person. I’ve always been a law-abiding citizen and – until last month – I had never attended a protest throughout the 61 years of my life. But dire circumstances call for drastic actions. I strongly commend my ‘Unruly Six’ actions to you.

Source -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The mainstream media have been totally complicit in this power grab and have been substantially funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with 'grants'/bribery to the tune of $250 million, with BBC Media Action receiving over $51 million alone, which begs the question 'does Gates funding of media taint objectivity'? The Columbia Journalism Review thinks so, and concludes that "Bill Gates has shown how seamlessly the most controversial industry captain can transform his public image from tech villain to benevolent philanthropist. Insofar as journalists are supposed to scrutinize wealth and power, Gates should probably be one of the most investigated people on earth—not the most admired". “Th[ese] grant[s] do... not support the news gathering capacity of the BBC”, foundation spokesman Chris Williams stated, but I maintain they surely have a persuasive effect on shaping policy and political bias. Remember even a cup of coffee is legally seen as a bribe in certain circles (police officers, judges etc). "When individuals exchange gifts, social bonds are strengthened and reciprocity is created. If the gift and the reciprocation both come from private resources, it is clearly a gift. If what is reciprocated after a gift is given comes from an organization, or is a government resource rather than from “one’s own pocket” then it is most likely a bribe". This is Bill Gates' personal money albeit 'protected' in a shroud of 'charitable foundation' status. If you have not yet seen Plandemic: InDoctorNation, I highly encourage you to do so for a more high-level insight into what might be going on at the global scale.

Visit my new website, which I am updating weekly to keep current on all things Covid related. I highly recommend Telegram as the last bastion of free speech, I would have felt very alone and frustrated if I hadn't joined back in May and found solace with the hundreds of thousands of like minded people.

As Dr Coleman says "remember you are not alone! More and more people are waking up!"


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