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Narrative Wars

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Does Boris Pre-empt the US's Accusation of a Lab-Synthesized Virus from China?

By Aurora Freeman | BA (Hons) | PG Cert Public Health | Qualified Health Advocate

Wednesday 13th 2021

Coming Soon | Could the US's Obama and Fauci be implicated?

The Daily Mail reports that Prime Minister Johnson, yesterday, accused 'demented Chinese Medicine' for sparking the alleged 'Covid pandemic'. This comes the day before US Secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, is set to accuse a Chinese lab for the manufacture and release of the SARS-CoV-2 virus later today, according to the Mail. It alleges that Mr Pompeo will also accuse the World Health Organisation of a massive cover up of China's involvement in the outbreak.

Johnson's out of the blue comment makes sense, when less than twenty fours later, the Mail reports Mr Pompeo's expected announcement later today. Seen here in 2018, Mr Johnson wrote about the devastation and cruelty involved in pangolin consumption, so it isn't unexpected that he should criticize China's indigenous population of 'demented' beliefs, but is it right to do so?

It appears that this pre-emptive strike over today's potential announcement, is that of 'narrative dominance' according the Mail's timely reporting, suggesting a 'biological' source of the virus as opposed to Pompeo's 'synthetically' engineered lab creation. This polarization of narrative, is considered further confirmation of a global narrative war, where the UK is promoting Europe and the Five Eyes' Countries', 'Great Reset' narrative. This is opposed to President Trump and his team's 'Great Awakening' military operation. to rid America and the Western world of top level corruption and crime syndicates.

This news comes after allegations earlier this week, by the Mail on Sunday, that the National Natural Science Foundation of China has deleted 300 records associated with Shi Zhengli, the Virologist tied the Wuhan laboratory.

According to the Daily Mail, China accuses nine countries for the outbreak of Covid. Will Johnson's antagonistic, somewhat racist, comments cause Britain to be number ten? Only time will tell.

- Aurora Freeman


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