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Is the UK's ONLY Masters in 'Corruption and Governance' itself Corrupt?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

By Aurora Flynn | BA (Hons) | PG Cert Public Health

'The Centre for the Study of Corruption' at the University of Sussex offers Britain's only 'Masters in Corruption and Governance (MA)'. It is funded by the 'Global Integrity-DFID ACE Programme', 'Economic Social Research Council' (ESRC), 'Wellcome Trust' and the 'Joffe Charitable Trust'. 'The Global Integrity-DFID ACE Programme' is funded by 'UK Aid from the British People' which is financed by 'The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office' AKA the UK taxpayer. ESCR is part of 'UK Research and Innovation' which is funded by the 'Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy' which is the UK Government. The Wellcome Trust of course is 'Big Pharma'. Britain’s only academic body for the Study of Corruption is financed by the very miscreants that are undertaking the global corruption of political, health, economic and legal systems.

The course focuses on corruption abroad of course... because there is no corruption in the UK? We know full well there is. But these questions need asking as we hold their feet to the flames.

Update | 24th July 2021 | Banned From LinkdIn

Over a DECADE on LinkdIn and I've suddenly been banned, not 24 hours since I posted this article. I can't be sure it was this post that got me banned, but I refuse to send them the "Government Issued ID" they requested, in the hope that they possibly might reinstate me. In light of many Governments around the world now tightening the grip of control over free speech and censorship, it is not a good idea to comply with these draconian policies. See this video for Australia's push for a 100 point ID system.

Why is the implementation of a CCP style, ID driven, social credit system a bad idea? Just ask the Chinese. An authoritarian and communist state-controlled monetary system would be the end of freedom as we know it.

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.” George Orwell, 1984

Watch the latest from Hugo Talks. This video discusses what China is implementing and what is planned for the Western World. Is this something we want for our children?

Further Reading always, we should do our own research and decide for ourselves.

Use Discernment!


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